Running Happy

The Penang International Bridge Marathon was early this morning and I totally missed it. Actually I knew I was going to miss it cos wifey and me just didn't have enough time to register for it. I'm sure it would have been an experience to remember but there's always next year.

My running has been getting progressively better as the days go by. While I may not be up to my standard or doing speeds that I could do in my youth, I'm glad I'm able to run at respectable speeds and distances without any problems.

The legs feel fine, the shin splints are gone, the lungs have adjusted excellently and I'm really loving my runs more and more these days :D All this training I'm doing will come in handy for the races I plan to take part next year. I've got a couple of them marked on my calendar already :D Even wifey is looking forward to all the races next year.

There is still the Malakoff run on December 19 and I'm still contemplating taking part. I'm a little apprehensive about the route. Apparently you have to do two 6K laps for the 2K run and I don't fancy running a route twice. We'll see how that goes though, I just might take part cos it's been a while since my last race.