The Color Of Silence

Man, this waiting to run a race is really killing me. It's been a while since my last race and my feet are itching to run one. The next race is about a month away, which is the Siemens 10K and I'm looking forward to it. The race will be flagged off at Dataran Merdeka, which is my least favourite race route but it does have some pretty cool hills amidst some nice lush green scenery running through the neighbourhood of the luxuriously rich folks :D At least I think that's where the race route will be anyway.

Besides, I haven't used my Green Silence for a race in quite a while and what good are racing flats when you can't use it for races. Unfortunately it's only a 10K race and I still can't put the GS through its pace for a longer distanced race, at least until the Adidas KOTR. I've run with the GS in a few short 10K training runs and it's absolutely all its touted to be. Light with just the right amount of cushioning and practically keeps you landing on your midfoot everytime without even trying.

The Green Silence has so far been pretty good for me on the only two races that I used it for, which was the Orange run and the Shape run, and it came through with flying colors. I hardly felt it on my feet and there was so much less fatigue on my legs compared to when I was using the Ghost 3 for races. Comparing the GS with the Ghost, it makes the Ghost seem like a block of wood!

But that's really an unfair statement, the Ghost 3 is a heavily padded trainer and has served me well for lots of miles and it should never be compared to the GS. I still use the Ghost for training runs and I still love the shoe but I feel I need a shoe that will give me more speed with less leg fatigue during races. The Ghost can tend to tire your legs out much later in a race and you end up spending a lot more effort to finish the race.

For now, it's a waiting game for a nice long distanced race to really test the GS but Jamie assured me the shoe will hold up to at least 15K or more, so I'm putting my faith in that. I have this worry about how a certain shoe will affect my legs. I tend to get injuries pretty easily and having the right shoe is very important to me.

The good news is all my injuries that I was suffering from has completely healed and I'm finally running pain free again, which is a feeling I treasure. I'm not pushing myself too much these days and am just simply enjoying my running. I don't want a recurrence of any of those excruciatingly painful injuries especially now since I'm already in the midst of starting my marathon training programme. Getting injured at this stage will really put a spanner in the works.


  1. Read that nice interview with Jamie. Ha! Finally get to see your face.:)

  2. Don't overtrain and all the best. Siok oh, plenty of race to run there ;_;

  3. Glad to know that your legs are ok now.
    One thing I learned about racing flat, you need time to build up the strength (my legs started gave problem as I pushed too hard in VFF), so routine on shorter distances will definitely help :D

    take care & enjoy running.

  4. Lina, Aiyoooo malu la, there goes my secret identity ... hahaha!

  5. Maslight, I'm taking it easy these days, wanna be able to run forever. Sometimes I think we don't have enough races ... hahaha!

  6. Neoh, I agree, we need a slow transition into a shoe like that. I'm taking it easy and slowly easing myself in the GS. I don't think my feet could tolerate the VFF's though. Old oredi la ... hahaha!

  7. Jamie - Yup but I think the fees are a little steep though. I'm doing it for old times sake.


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