A Time To Run ...

It's been nearly a week since I've logged any mileage. The left leg has been feeling pretty buggy and a decision to rest it was made last week. Besides the break coincided with my hectic work week just nice. Most of my crazy work schedule has been completed and the break was actually a good thing.

The legs feel so much fresher now, though it's a tad tight from all that resting the past week though I'm eagerly looking forward to a very easy run with the wife this evening. Nothing fancy, no goals, targets or whatever. Just lace up and follow the wife.

It's also part of my contribution to the World Wide Fun Run that I'm participating in and it'll be so much more fun as the wife is also joining in the run with me :D The weather seems to be pretty decent and I hope it stays that way this evening. I'm really, really eager to get back to running again.

I'm slated to run a short race tomorrow. I actually totally forgot I signed up for this run months ago until the wife reminded me about it last week. It's a charity run called the 'Be A Runner, Be A Giver' run and seriously, the only reason I joined cos it is supported by the Arsenal Fan Club of Malaysia and being a die-hard Arsenal fan since my primary school days, how could I not sign up for this run.

The only slack thing is having to wake up so early tomorrow and drive into town just  to run 6.4K but it's a nice distance for someone just coming back into running after a one week break. The wife has so graciously agreed to follow me and lend some support. I wonder if I can convince her to dress up like a cheerleader ... hahaha!

Next week is going to be a little tough as I only have one week to get into shape for the PJ Half marathon next Sunday. I'm a sucker for punishment cos even after last year's not very well organized run, I still decided to sign up again this year so there'll be no one to blame but myself if the event turns out to be lackluster like last year. Hopefully they would have improved on some aspects of the race.

But all the same, I'm still looking forward to it seeing as how it's just a few minutes drive away from my house. I actually haven't run a half marathon since the Brooks half which was somewhere in March or was it April? Hoping to see some familiar faces there. Any of you guys running this event? I know some of you are running the Salomon Trail run the same day too.


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