Press Release: BOH & MNS Forge Partnership for Cameron Highlands


Kuala Lumpur, 11 August, 2014: BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd (BOH) and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) have formed a partnership to embark on a conservation project in Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands, home to BOH and its tea plantations, is known for its cool weather and scenic vistas among local and foreign tourists, and is also an important water catchment area for clean water supply.

“The natural beauty and delicate ecosystem of the highlands is currently under threat. However, I am glad that the Malaysian Government has shown that they are taking the issues affecting Cameron Highlands seriously with the recent announcement of setting up a command centre to combat illegal land clearing in the highlands,” said Balu Perumal, Head of Conservation, MNS. “However, the responsibility of protecting the environment should not fall in the hands of the government alone, but also the residents there. Which is why the project we are initiating together with BOH is aimed at reaching out to the school children of Cameron Highlands,” he added.

Apart from training the children of all 27 schools in the Cameron Highlands District to enhance their appreciation and awareness on the importance of nature conservation, this project also aims to enable the schools in addressing their own ‘environmental management’ and solving local environmental problems.

“As Malaysia’s leading tea growing company, BOH is especially dependent on the environment in Cameron Highlands where we grow our tea,” explained Chen Chaw Chang, Head of Marketing and Export for BOH Plantations. “To help fund this conservation project, BOH has organised a charity fun run to be held this coming September, right in the trails of the BOH Sungei Palas Plantation. We want families to come participate and appreciate the beauty of Cameron Highlands, and to realise the importance of preserving its environment.”

The BOH Highlands Run is officially endorsed by the Pahang State Tourism Board  and supported by Fitness First Malaysia, Copthorne Hotel and Hotel Titiwangsa. Registration is limited to the first 500 entries or by 1st from the run will be channelled to the environmental conservation project in Cameron Highlands. For more information on the Highlands Fun Run, please visit BOH’s Facebook page at or register online at

The first ever BOH Highlands Run, to be held on 28th September, will see BOH Plantations channeling all proceeds from the run to a conservation project in Cameron Highlands. Seen below are MNS’s Head of Conservation, Balu Perumal (l) and Chen Chaw Chang (r), Head of Marketing and Export for BOH, exchanging pennants to signify the partnership of the two organisations.