Reach Out Run 2015: Race Review

The Reach Out Run was an unplanned race but after being offered the opportunity to trial the new Sony Smart B-Trainer all-in-one headset and with a complimentary entry to run the race, how could I refuse. So there I was bright and early along with the usual suspects from the GC training group who were part of the group of the Sony Smart B-Trainer testers as well, on a cool and breezy Sunday morning.

Sick or not, she's ever loyal to pose with my medal :D

Initial made plans for a pre-run (we're all mileage hungry freaks) was called off since we had to be there for a photo taking session with the Sony team. The weather was cool and breezy and the skies showed signs of rain, something I was praying for cos we all know how hot Putrajaya could get on a normal day and with the race flagging off at 7.30am, we'd have hit right smack into the heat.

Team GC MY.
Pic courtesy of Jamie

So when it started to drizzle prior to race start I was pretty happy about it. It also gave me a good chance to test the B-Trainer in wet and rainy conditions cos the water-proofing is good enough to swim in, so the rain should be a cinch for it. On another note, the wet conditions also gave me a chance to test the new Skechers GOrun Strada I had on.

Team Fun Run MY :P
Pic courtesy of Choon Yuen

Having only received the unit two days ago, I hadn't unlocked a few features in the device yet, so it was on free training mode and I uploaded a bunch of songs into it prior to race day. It should keep me going for now. The GPS acquisition was extremely fast and I was connected in no time as I stood there in the rain waiting for race start.

How could we resist :D
Pic courtesy of Choon Yuen

I had already planned to treat this race as a purely 'fun run' kinda race, something which I've never done before. Races are normally serious business for me and I don't fool around much but there's always a first for everything right? My left inner calf has been plagued with pain for a week now and I wasn't intending to put too much pressure on it, with GCAM being only 3 weeks away.

Ah Onz,the cameraman for the day.
Pic courtesy of Choon Yuen

The start was the usual affair of having to evade the usual enthusiastic run/walkers but with the easy pace run planned, this didn't pose too much of a problem. I started the race with Choon Yuen, Piew, Yan Leng, Jeanie and Yeehoo and we were all set on finishing together as well. Choon Yuen was our camera man for the day and photo ops were aplenty. I didn't hesitate to stop and get my ugly mug taken at every opportunity I could ... hahaha!

This shot was ripe for the picking!
Pic courtesy of Choon Yuen

Somewhere along the route we lost Jeanie and Yeehoo but the four of us, Choon Yuen, Yan Leng, Piew and me kept together trotting at an easy pace. The voice notification of the B-Trainer prompted me on the pace, time, distance, calories burnt and time at set intervals and I realized that we were going slightly too fast and we pegged the pace down again. 

Pic courtesy of Choon Yuen

Nothing of note happened throughout and we just enjoyed the run in one of the loveliest running weather I've ever experienced in Putrajaya. About 2k from the finish, I prompted the rest that we should pick up some pace and dash to the finish and everyone gamely stepped up. Piew and me may have been a little too enthusiastic with the stepping up of pace and realized we were hitting too high a pace and slowed down 200 metres or so before the finish to wait for Choon Yuen and Yan Leng as we wanted to finish together.

Damn those two mountain runners, can still smile!
Pic courtesy of Choon Yuen

Our plans of running 'hugging' shoulder to shoulder was scuttled when we approached the finish and the volunteers broke us up and diverted Yan Leng to the right hand women's category finish line. Damn them for spoiling our finishing plans! LOL! Overall, it was a decently organized race. I've nothing to complain. I had fun without any pressure thrown in and I guess it's good to run races like these once in awhile.

A job well done.
Pic courtesy of Choon Yuen

A big thanks to Sony Malaysia for the complimentary race entry. I'll be putting the Sony Smart B-Trainer through a more rugged test over the next few weeks but for now, though I'm having a little issue with the Heart Rate sensors reading; it's looking more and more like a winner. A more thorough and detailed review will be posted in the coming weeks. 

Pic courtesy of Sony Malaysia


  1. i can't believe you've never had a 'fun run' before with lots of picture-taking along the way haha! but to fair, i'm sure there are plenty of that during the training runs. :)

    loved the pic of you and the drummers ... uhm, the street band!

    1. Nope, really I haven't :D Training runs we only take pix after the runs. So this was a first for me and it was fun which is why I'm looking forward to the GC10k :D


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