SCORE Stay Home & Run 5K Challenge Powered by PRIME

The current worldwide pandemic and the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) by the Malaysian government has made life for everyone extremely difficult and stressful. I don't really mind being cooped up at home and I understand the reasons but being stuck at home for an extended (and unknown) period of time can be stressful to ones well being especially if you're the outdoors kinda person.

I can't remember the last time I laced up and actually ran on the road. But being someone who loves running, I just have to make do with what I have. Not being able to run outside in public has not deterred me and I've put my car porch to good use running laps around it. Not very ideal but at least, I still get some mileage on a daily basis with an average 8km a day every morning which translates to 280 laps for a 25m loop around my porch. Not ideal running but heck, it's something to stay sane in these tough times.

If you're a run addict and miss lacing up and heading out doors, why not take part in the SCORE STAY HOME & RUN 5K CHALLENGE sponsored by PRIME apparels and supported by CHECKPOINT SPOT. The event invites running enthusiasts from around the world to attempt a 5km run in your own homes. 

More details on how to sign up and the goodies you can receive can be found in the press release below:


Malaysian sports & fitness event specialist invites runners to run in their homes in the midst of CoViD-19 lockdowns.

KUALA LUMPUR - Different times call for different measures. In response to the CoViD-19 pandemic, the Malaysian government has implemented the Movement Control Order, effectively confining Malaysians in their homes. Elsewhere in the world, similar quarantine orders are put in place to help curb the spread of the virus.

Since taking effect on 18 March 2020, one of the resulting situations is that Malaysians are no longer allowed to jog, let alone perform any leisure activities outside their homes. To remedy that, SCORE Sports Management Sdn Bhd, a leading player in the running event industry, recently launched the SCORE Stay Home & Run 5K Challenge. Sponsored by PRIME apparels and supported by CheckPoint Spot, the event invites runners from all around the world to do a 5km run in their own homes.

Inspired by the Chinese marathoner Pan Shancu from Hanzhou who completed a 50km run running around 2 tables in his apartment, the challenge by SCORE is a lot less gruelling. Runners participate by signing up for free, completing a run of 5km or more in their homes, and submitting their sports tracker results to get an e-certificate and a 30% discount voucher for PRIME and BROOKS products.

“It’s a surprisingly fun way to do a run,” says SCORE Chief Executive Officer Patricia Tan, “but more importantly, we’re doing it responsibly playing our part in mitigating the effects of CoViD-19 on, not just runners but also, the less fortunate who are in dire need of help during this time.” Tan and her colleagues, most of whom are runners, have done their 5km, in their car porches, around their dining tables, up and down the stairs and more.

“I hope to see more Malaysians sign up for this run and post it up on their social media,” she says, “It will inspire the running community from around the world to join us in solidarity, staying fit, staying safe, and quite possibly, staying sane at a time like this.”

“We would also like to thank Tourism Selangor for the support in this campaign and standing together with all Malaysians in staying fit and healthy during these troubled times.”

Runners who wishes to participate this virtual event can register for free at and submit their sports tracker results for 5km or more, to receive an e-certificate and a 30% discount voucher for PRIME and Brooks products. Also available is an option to upgrade to a paid package of RM45 for a commemorative finisher medal and t-shirt. SCORE is donating RM5 from every paid participant to support the “Dana Untuk Nasi Malaysia” fund that feeds the poor, a critical need during the MCO.

Runners participating in the SCORE Stay Home & Run 5K Challenge Powered by PRIME are invited to share their photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #stayhomeandrun.