Malaysians For The Human Race Against Covid-19 Virtual Run

With the relaxing of the Movement Control Order, I'll bet lots of you running people are heaving a huge sigh of relief, myself included. It's been one crazy time being stuck indoors and having to find ways to keep the passion for running going which resulted in seeing me running almost daily around my car porch. I actually even attempted a marathon and successfully completed it, just don't ask me how many loops I ran! Yes, I'm crazy that way.

But even with being able to run outside, races are still prohibited for the moment. If you're one of those who misses the thrill of a competition, collecting goodies such as tees, medals, etc well, then you're in luck.

Twenty First Century Sports has launched the Malaysians For The Human Race Against Covid-19 Virtual Run with a two pronged theme, that is to keep yourself healthy and ready for when we can race again and secondly for a chance to run for a nation/worldwide cause by uniting the nation to come together by supporting the governments efforts and donating to fight against Covid-19.

Signing up for this virtual run will see 10% of your registration fees going towards the efforts to fight this worldwide pandemic. The event is opened to all Malaysians and you can choose from a distance of 5km right up to 50km and you'll get a host of goodies simply for signing up and completing the event. 

Now that we're allowed to run outside albeit while still practicing social distancing, this will be your chance to help out in this fight against the pandemic and have a little fun at the same time challenging your friends and strangers virtually online. Head over to the link below for a more detailed information and pricing structure of the event.

And remember to always practice social distancing and stay safe!