The Asian Masters Road Race 2010

I finally managed to find myself a race to run in, well actually it was wifey who found the race :D We're both taking part in the Asian Master 10K this Sunday and we're really looking forward to it. We haven't ran any races since the Mizuno Wave run and that was eons ago.

I know there's the Malakoff run coming up soon but we're not too keen on that race. So finding the Asian Masters race was a blessing :D This will be our last race for the year and next year we intend to take part in as many races as possible.

We've both been training pretty hard all 7 months now and are fired up for next seasons races. I've got a few that I'm already looking forward to and hopefully I'll be fit enough to take part in all my planned races.

So, are you going for the Asian Masters run this Sunday?