Running Can Be Expensive ...

You know, running can be quite and expensive hobby! I'm practically going broke from buying all kinds of running gear. When wifey and me go shopping, we simply cannot resist visiting sports shops like Adidas, Nike, Brooks, etc and we just cannot leave the darn place with either one of us buying at least one running outfit or something that has to do with running.

You don't even want to know how many running tops wifey has. I think she has every range of sport brand right down from Reebok, Asics, Nike to Adidas! I do have my fair share of stuff too. It's like an addiction. We always say to ourselves before we enter any sports outlet that we'll only browse but somehow, the moment we step in, something will always call out to us and we end up forking out some good money for a new running gear.

Just today, I walked into the Adidas outlet at Empire Shopping Gallery and ended up RM180.00 poorer from buying this gorgeous running outfit. I simply love it and can't wait to try it out this Sunday for one of our long run sessions. Like I said, running can be an expensive hobby!