Adidas King Of The Road 2011

Congrats to all those who ran the Bareno run today. I heard it was a pretty tough hilly challenge. But I'm not surprised, that area itself is littered with some killer hills. I wanted to take part but decided not to cos I'm still only just recovering from my shin splints and do not want to injure myself further. I'm saving my legs for the Energizer Night Race next month. I've been looking forward to that for quite a while. It'll be fun running on the Sepang race track for the first time ever.

I've been going easy with my runs the past week. I'm really afraid to get a recurrence of my shin splint injury that had me sit out of running for 9 days a few weeks back. Though I still have the occasional pain in my shin these days but at least it's not excruciating.

Today is going to be a nice laid back rest day for me. My running resumes tomorrow. Oh, I heard the 'Adidas King Of The Road' is back this year. Once I get more details on registration and stuff, I'll be sure to post it over here. Rumour has it that it's on October 23rd and the venue is Sunway Pyramid. The running vests looks pretty cool, at least the guys one does anyway :D

Guess which one belongs to the men :P


  1. *eyes twitched looking at the vest for women. Hey, the guy's vest looks so kewl! want!

  2. Maslight - LOL! Wifey thinks the women's vest looks awfully bright too. I don't know if that really is the official vest though.


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