Sun Med Jogathon 2011

Took a couple of hours off work today to head to Sunway Medical Centre with wifey. No, nothing is wrong with either of us and no, we also weren't visiting anyone in the hospital. We actually went there to register for the SunMed Jogathon that's slated for the end of May.

While it's only a 6K race, both wifey and me decided to take part seeing as how it's not too far from our home. Besides, like I said in my previous post, a run is still a run, distance notwithstanding.

The run is organized in conjunction with Better Hearing and Speech month. Proceeds will go towards fulfilling a child’s wish from the Children’s Wish Society of Malaysia, a charity for terminally ill children. Since it's for a good cause, we didn't mind signing up.

After that we headed to Runnerz Circle, a specialty running shop recommended by Jamie Pang. Wifey was getting a little annoyed with her laces always coming undone during her runs and I saw on his blog that he had on a pair of lock laces on his shoes. After inquiring with him, he so kindly directed me to get in touch with Frank Chong of Runnerz Circle and today we went over there to get her lock laces and in the process I got myself a Spibelt to lug around my ID, keys and some cash for my runs.

I must say that Frank is a very friendly and extremely helpful guy and I most definitely am going to make more visits to his place, seeing as how I do travel to his shop location quite a bit in my daily work day. I'm glad to know that we have a place like Runnerz Circle nearby cos finding a dedicated running specialty store in this country is really non existent, as far as I'm concerned anyway.

Well, wifey is pretty happy with her lock laces and can't wait to go for her run tomorrow :D Besides tomorrow will be our final training session until this Saturday where we'll be running in the Energizer Night Race. Though it's quite a distance away, both of us are looking forward to that run. Wish us luck :D


  1. Kewlness! Gosh I wish there's more running event here. There's only like 3 that I know of here.

  2. Maslight - Air Asia cheap mah, take a flight and come down here and race la ... LOL! I'm sure they have more there, just have to look around. If I know of any there I'll let you know :D


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