Weekend Running

The weather looks a little gloomy out there. Hoping it doesn't rain cos it'll ruin my scheduled weekend run with wifey. For one day of the week, I'm her unofficial coach (LOL!) and I'm planning a little different route than what we did last week, something a little longer.

I love scouting these new routes so that I can try them out on my own the following day when I do run on my own. There really isn't much good running routes in USJ where I live. Most of it is through residential areas and 90% of it is mostly heavy with traffic, even on a Sunday.

I try to find routes that I don't have to make loops just to accumulate the miles cos I'm a person who hates running in loops, it can get pretty boring. I like to source one huge big loop for my runs and so far, the longest distance I can find for my runs without having to make repetitive loops is close to 12K and even then I have to brave some pretty heavy traffic and crossing some busy junctions.

The current 8k plus route that I run with wifey is pretty decent with very low volume traffic but it's just too short so today I'm adding some additional distance to the run. She's shaping up pretty well for the Energizer Night Race next week and I expect her to do some decent times :D I'm also really looking forward to the race and to be honest, I do have some butterflies in my stomach anticipating race day.

I haven't participated in any races this year and this will be the first so to say I'm excited is putting it mildly. I've been training pretty hard for this race to the point of over-training a month or two ago and suffering from some excruciating shin splints which thank the running gods above has completely healed. I'm planning to do a sub two hour run for Energizer 21K and I think I should be able to complete in that time.

I've run a few 21K training runs and so far have come in at 1 hour 50 minutes on average so putting a target of sub 2 hours is pretty reasonable, barring an injury (touchwood!). After the Energizer race, I'll be running in a fun run event in Sunway called the Sun Med Jogathon or something, I totally forgot what it's really called. It's a 6K charity run in conjunction with Better Hearing and Speech month. Proceeds will go towards fulfilling a child’s wish from the Children’s Wish Society of Malaysia, a charity for terminally ill children.

I'm not too keen on runs under 10K but since it's nearby the place I live and it's for charity, so what the heck :D It's slated for the 29th of May and the closing date for registration is the 15th of April, something which I should do fast seeing as how I haven't even signed up for it yet ... LOL!


  1. Yes, loop runs is boring. The place I started running a year ago was less than 1km, imagine me trying to make 13km out of it. But thank gawd my fren plotted a 20km route for me for few weeks run. I had fun running a long route. Exciting. But it's creepy to run at 4am alone (coz my friend is always 1-3km away from me). But overall fun!

    All the best for your run! My first run this year will be Borneo International Marathon. I'll probably need new shoes after this marathon.

  2. Good luck for ENR...go get that sub-2

  3. Maslight - You run at 4am? Aiyooo, I still asleep la at that time ... LOL! I'm not a morning person, well except on race days la.

    All the best in the BIM, I'm planning to take part in that race next year :D

  4. RaYzeef - Welcome to my humble blog :D Thanks, I'll definitely try for a sub 2. All the best to you too :D


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