Decisions, Decisions ...

I was out with the missus today at Sunway Pyramid getting our weekly sports outlet fix and stopped at the Adidas shop there. Now, while I'm currently using a Brooks Ghost 3 for most of my runs, I've always been a fan of Adidas running shoes.

I'm in the market to get a new pair of shoes seeing as how my trusty old Ghost 3 is already showing signs of aging. I've already got my eye on the Ghost 4 that is due out in a few months. I still have two other running shoes, an Adidas and a Mizuno but I was practically on the verge of buying the Adidas Climacool Ride running shoe today.

I tried it on and I kinda like the feel to it but was a little skeptical as it felt kinda naked on my feet. I'm pretty used to my snug and well cushioned (albeit a little heavy) Brooks that the Climacool Ride seems to feel like I have nothing on my feet.

While I'm bloody tempted to buy the shoe, I just don't know if it's the shoe for me. I'm not young and I tend to worry about the impact that runs through the length of my feet and the Climacool doesn't seem to give me that 'protective' feeling unlike my Ghost 3.

I don't know, I could be totally wrong and the cushioning of that shoe could be phenomenal but at RM369.00, do I dare take the risk of buying it and end up not using it like my Mizuno Wave Precision 10 which looking back was practically the wrong choice of shoe for me.

One thing I can be sure of is that the Climacool Ride is really 'cool' and breezy and would probably be a swell shoe to run in. The green one absolutely makes me salivate over it but like I said, it's a little on the high priced side to experiment with and let it gather dust. Wouldn't it be great if we could trial run a shoe we liked for a bit and then buy it if it was right for us? Siggghhh ... stop dreaming Nick!

But I'm still bloody tempted to get it though and with wifey prompting me to try it out, it makes my decision all the more difficult. Do I wait for the Ghost 4, a shoe that I know will be right up my alley or go and try something new, something that feels so minimalist that I don't know if it is the right shoe for me? What do you think?


  1. Gawd I nearly got myself a CC ride, wait, do they have a green one there? WTH man if they do, they only have black, pink and blue here. *sigh, but friend suggested I try on other brands of shoes coz the current adidas adizero boston gives me blisters and black toes. The choices of running shoes here is sad. Maybe I should find one of these days to travel to KL just to scout nice shoes? Maybe 2 pair?

  2. Maslight - Yes, they have the green one here, and the red, yellow, blue and black one too ... hehehe ...

    I'm so tempted to get it but still can't decide yet. I think you should come here and scout for some cos they have quite a few here :D

  3. urmms.. its green.. and its your favourite all time shade... what are you waiting for.. *LOL*

    anyways... with the rate you guys are running... you could probably do with more shoes.

    I don't know much about running.. but i thought Nike is good for running.. or maybe i'm caught up in the Nike advertising trap :D or maybe the other one... what's that brand.. Asics.

    Adidas is more for fashion... or maybe football boots.. i know teenagers love adidas.. but.. this isssssssss your color..

    did i confuse you enough? *LOL* I am good ;)

    size apo you pakai.. if you don't like the shoes.. kasi posraju over with the ipad will ya!

  4. btw... the color is totally awesome! The green is a magnet to eyes... ;)

  5. Anny - Yeah, the green color is really tempting me. I just love all things green :D

    I've always loved Adidas shoes since I was a kid. You're right, Nike is just plain advertising. Asics is a pretty cool brand but mahal la.

    And yes, you totally confused me already ... LOL!

  6. Anny - Don't remind me la that it comes in green ... I'm really struggling with myself whether to buy or not.

  7. I have to agree, Nike is so much branding that it's so expensive, a comparison in price, I went to check out the other day for a running shoe, the latest one cost RM500++ as tempting as it is, the price is a bit ridiculous.

  8. LOL. I actually had been drooling over the same pair before I got this current pair. The price tag scares me a bit although I like the feel of lightness of the shoes.

  9. Maslight - I almost fainted when I saw some of the Nike pricing!

  10. Lina - The price and not knowing how good the shoe is is what's holding me back right now.

  11. @Nick,
    I was expecting Brooks to cost as much but was pleasantly surprised it wasn't. I should get one of those someday. ^^

  12. Lina - You should :D It's a proven shoe for me but I'm still contemplating the Adidas ... :D


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