A Time To Race

It's going to be a pretty busy month from the end of this week until early July, race wise at least. I've got 4 races lined up starting from the end of this month right up until the first week of July and I'm all eager waiting for it :D

I'll be doing a 6K charity run at the end of this month called the SunMed Jogathon. While it's only a 6K run, both wifey and me decided to take part seeing as how it's for a charity organization for terminally ill children. Besides it's pretty nearby where I live in USJ, just a 5 minute drive away, maybe I should just run to the event location ... LOL!

A week after that, it's the New Balance Pacesetters 15K run in Putrajaya with wifey, who right now wants to wallop me on the head for dragging her along for the race. She's now started training like crazy to get accustomed for a 15K running distance ... LOL! She hasn't done a distance that long before and thinks I'm crazy for dragging her for the race. I'm sure she'll do fine :D

Twenty days after that comes the  next race which is the Standard Chartered KL Marathon which I'm signed on for the 21K and wifey doing the 10K. A week after that comes the ntv7 Feel good run, a new 7K event. Hope it's not going to be as badly organized as that Nightmare run.

Those are the races that I've already signed up and who knows, there just might be more races in the next few weeks that will draw my attention :D I still do have the Adidas King of The Road in October and the Penang Bridge International Marathon which I have not signed up yet. I'm still contemplating whether to use that race as my first ever full marathon run. Decisions, decisions ...


  1. So much fun. I skip the SCKLM this year, might join it next year. I've registered for PBIM, but yet to get my flight tix yet. There's only 1 charity run which is 7k in July. Looking forward to that, hopefully more races in the future.

  2. Maslight - Wah, you signed up for PBIM oredi? I'm still contemplating on whether to sign up for that or not but knowing me, I'll probably be there ... LOL!


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