It's going to be a nice long 3 day weekend and I can already hear all you runners out there rubbing your palms together with glee at the prospect of doing 2-3 days worth of nice LSD's :D Let's hope the early morning weather will cooperate cos it has been two rainy mornings so far. Hopefully that inflammation of the left shin I had in last night's short run session heals by tomorrow morning.

If it doesn't then I'm just going to skip the run, accompany the wife and offer moral support for her LSD :D The wife and me are planning to head out of Subang for a nice LSD session tomorrow (haven't decided where yet) and then head back to pick up our race kit for the CICM Responsible Care run that's slated for next Sunday.

I don't even know where the location is and am not really looking forward to this race. We signed up on a whim and am now not too keen to run this race but since it did cost quite a bit, no sense letting the money and the race go to waste by not showing up, right? I'm already letting the Desa Park City run go to waste since I'm running the Nike 10K instead. Anyone want my bib for the Desa Park City run is more than welcomed to it for free :D Just email me if you do want it.

The race I'm really relishing to participate in right now is the Newton 25K which I signed up for two days ago. I've never run the Kinrara route and have read about how challenging that route is, littered with loads of inclines and a hill Jamie and many of you runners call the 'Ammah Hill'. I'm no fan of hills but it sure sounds pretty challenging to me and next year is all about challenge for me.

Next year is the year I start my foray into running a full marathon, something which if you asked me a year ago, I would say that I could never run a marathon and wouldn't even dare attempt it. But this year though has been the deciding factor for me in running. It has shown me that if I set my mind to it, train right and most importantly believe in myself, I can do anything and running a marathon is one of them. Besides, my wife who is my number one running buddy believes that I can do it, so who am I to argue with her ... hehehe ...

Looking at the distance, it sure looks pretty daunting but heck, running isn't about having it easy. It's about pain and suffering and what's waiting for you at the end of the finish line. That feeling of self accomplishment at being able to do something that you once thought you couldn't. I still don't know if I'll cross that finish line or pull a DNF but one thing I know is I sure as hell am going to try my darnedest!

The pain and suffering will have to be endured, part and parcel of the sport, I say. If I didn't want to experience the pain and suffering a marathon would dish out, I would have taken up something simpler and less painful, like boxing for instance ... LOL!

With that said and done, once I finish my last race for this year, I'm going to head into a strict marathon training programme with no deviation from it. No more trying to outpace myself every single time I run. That won't work in a marathon, I'll simply kill myself in the first 10K. I'll need to work on staying on my feet for as long as possible and keep going. I just want to cross that finish like with my head held high and finally tell myself that I did it.

Yes, I'm really excited at the prospect of running my first marathon next year and any bits of advise from you seasoned pro's would be greatly appreciated :D


  1. Run slowly and dont push urself and set time goals in ur 1st marathon..Just run ur own pace and aim to finish. Timing in ur 1st marathon is not the ultimate goal....its only a bonus if u do well.....and dont pressure urself...:)

  2. Yes, the feeling after completing a race is fulfilling. No pain gonna stop meh! Besides, the fact that we all keeping fit and look better than ever ;)

  3. LOL @ "I can already hear all you runners out there rubbing your palms together with glee at the prospect of doing 2-3 days worth of nice LSD's :D "

    Are we that transparent?:p

  4. Oh gosh, I already plan my 3 days run weeks in advance and am sooooo looking forward to the coming weekend. LOL *rub hands with glee*

    I guess we sure are transparent. xD

    All the best to your FM training. Of course you can do it! :)

    p.s I just told Zaini yesterday night that I aim to do my 1st HM by the second half of next year. ;p

  5. hope you got well very soon else you will missed all the running fun over this weekend :P

  6. Having the right mindset is equally important as the physical preparation. I think u r more than capable of a FM! Set a target time, aim to do your first in six months. SCKLM 2012?

  7. Running Happy, Thanks for the tips :D Much appreciated. I'm not setting any time goals, I plan to just finish it which would be an achievement for me.

  8. Maslight, True, we all look and feel better after running :D

  9. Patricia, Yes, runners are all the same everywhere ... LOL!

  10. Lina, Wah, you plan so far ahead ... LOL! Next year would be just nice to do your first HM :D

  11. Neoh, I hope I get well too, otherwise I'll be envious of all you guys running out there ... hehehe ...

  12. Francis, Thanks for the advise. Yes, mental is a huge part of the challenge and I'm game for it. I've target the SCKLM as my base for my first FM and I'm looking forward to it really but still a little apprehensive all the same.

  13. @Nick,
    Need to plan in advance so that I can have greenlight from my "bodyguard aka chauffeur" kakaka

    Maybe when you go to do FMoat SCKLM, I can do the HM there. Fingers crossed. Legs crossed too! ^^

  14. Lina, That'll be a good place to try your HM :D I'm sure the chauffeur will relent if you let him bring his bike too ... hehehe!


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