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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Break And A Hill

I'm on a self imposed 4-day running break and to be honest, I'm actually enjoying the break. It's been a while since I've rested the legs for this long. Though I've been itching to go for a run but this break is also partly to give a dull throbbing ache that developed during my last run some time to heal.

The ache has pretty much subsided (hopefully it doesn't recur) and I'm looking forward to this weekend's challenge to take on that infamous 'Ammah' hill. The fresh and well rested legs are definitely going to be a big boost. The Newton challenge is just around the corner and after all the tales of horror I've heard about the route and its challenges, what better way to ease that fear than to do a trial run along the route.

It was actually the wife who is more interested in trying the route. She has this attitude that if something challenging is in the way, take it head on and show it who's boss. I suppose her positive enthusiasm has caught on and we've decided to tackle it this weekend.

I probably won't run the entire route, maybe just a section of it but that 'Ammah' hill section would definitely be on the menu. After seeing a few mind numbing pictures of the incline that awaits me on race day, I really want to get a feel of the struggle before race day.

Since it's a new route for the two of us, I'll be running at a slower pace than I normally do to run along with the wife. I don't trust leaving her on her own in an unfamiliar route. Better to be safe than sorry. Besides, I'm planning to run at a leisurely pace to just get a feel of things to come on race day. I don't plan to over exert myself. I'll leave that for the actual race itself.

Taking heed of Jamie's advise, I'll be decked in gear that provides protection from the sun and will strap on my Camelbak filled with iced cold Gatorade for my hydration needs and a gel or two tucked away for some late energy needs.  Hopefully everything goes as planned.

With that said and done, I'm eager to run the route though I still have to figure out the directions to get there first :D


  1. good luck Nick, i pray for nice cloudy weather for you, else you'll get burned just like me in 2010.

  2. Have fun tackling the route. I love your wife's attitude. Go girl! ^^

  3. I didn't join this because I didn't know how to get there and figured it would not be very pleasant to get lost in the dark. (Got lost on the way back from Putrajaya at 1am after the Putrajaya Run.) AMMAH HILL SOUNDS AWESOME. Have fun this Sunday. I await your race review

  4. I've always dreaded hill haha, and the Ammah hills are really something! But I'm sure you will tackle them handsomely! Go Nick!

  5. Ray, Thanks :D Like that I'm going to start my run really early la.

  6. Lina, She loves them hills, she's a little crazy like that ... hahaha!

  7. Ruby, Thanks. I hope the hills don't take too much out of me though.

  8. Zack, Thanks Zack. A little apprehensive but I'm all game for it :D