Sniff, Sniff, Cough, Cough

I haven't been running the past couple of days due to being down with intermittent fever and a sickening cough. While the cough isn't so bad, the intermittent fever that comes and goes is the main culprit that makes my bones ache in every conceivable joint. The combination of a clogged nose, an itchy and sore throat coupled with this feeling of weakness makes running the last thing on my mind right now.

The wife and me were supposed to do an LSD this morning but since my fever attack came on last night, she strictly forbade me from waking up early to run today. Wanted to do an evening run but I had to work today, which had me supervising a 3 ton lorry wrap under the blazing hot sun this afternoon and by the time I got back I was just too exhausted to do anything let alone run.

We're planning for an early run tomorrow, hopefully I'll feel up to it. She's been kind enough to skip her run sessions to keep me company at home though she's been itching to run so I'm hoping to repay the favour by accompanying her for her LSD.

It's a good thing there aren't any races at this time of the month. It's going to be lights out early for me tonight. Hopefully it'll also be good running weather tomorrow morning.


  1. Take care and get well soon, Nick!

  2. Why not start running only after you have fully recovered? Get well soon!

  3. Kah Yen, That is actually good advise but I'm stubborn at times ... Hehehe ...

  4. take care Nick...u need your full strength for nexy year Marathons :)

  5. Ray, Thanks:D I'm definitely going to take it easy for a bit cos I'm saving my strength for the dreaded Newton Challenge in 3 weeks time!


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