All The Wiser ...

It feels like it was only yesterday that it was the first of January and I was running the Newton and now it's already 11 days into the New Year. Time sure flies these days. I don't even remember half the things I did for the last 11 days. It's been a busy time for me in the office, what with last minute rush projects that need to be completed before the coming CNY holidays.

It's also a good thing that I've taken a week's break from running. I'm not too happy about it but I really need a break from running to heal and repair all those injuries that's been keeping me company on my runs. I've been running with pain for far too long and it ain't a nice feeling.

I got my priorities all wrong, running wise that is and it's taken a long on, off, on again painful period to come to a realization that running should be fun and pain-free. Let's be realistic here, I ain't going to be winning any races and the only reason I run is cos I love the sport. I shouldn't be pushing myself so hard trying to better my times and put all kinds of pressure on me.

I'm not young and I shouldn't be trying to compete with all those young fellows out there who have youth on their side. This break I'm taking, though it's only for a week, has a two fold purpose. One is to give the legs a rest and some time to heal. The other reason is to put things in perspective and come back stronger and wiser for my runs. I intend to run for a very long time, way into my golden years and the only way to do that is to run wisely.

Heck, in five years or so, I'll be eligible to sign up for races in the Men's Senior Veteran Category! And the way time flies these days, it won't seem that long at all. I've got to start taking more care and be a lot more wiser during my training runs. No more trying to run a 5 minute plus pace every single training session. The mind is more than up to it but the old legs isn't that strong any more.

This break has also tested my discipline to the max. It's not easy sitting at home and watching the wife gear up for her run. It takes all of my resolve and will power not to lace up and join her but as Neoh always reminds me, resting is part of training too. I've even had to stop logging on to Daily Mile so I won't be tempted to run after reading all your running reports ... LOL!

So far though, the rest is having its desired effects. The legs, though it still has twitches here and there, is feeling so much fresher and I'm looking forward to running again this Sunday, when my self imposed rest break ends :D

I'm not running the Mizuno this weekend cos I find it a tad too expensive for a 10K event but here's wishing all of you who are running it all the best and have fun with that last incline (I think someone nicknamed it the Aiyoo hill last year) on the last KM just before the finish, it's as much of a bitch as the Ammah hill! LOL!


  1. The week's almost over, Nick. Can run happy next week. Any plans for back-to-back LSD during the CNY weekend? ^^

    p.s. I am now eligible to enter the Women Veteran category. Sad.... :( The sadder part, Women Veteran runners all totally kick ass and leave me in their dust! @>@

    1. There's definitely going to be runs during the CNY break but don't think it's going to be any back-to-back LSD's though.

      Hahaha ... well, at least we'll all be veteran's together!

  2. @Lina - hahaha!
    @Nick - yep, we want to be old men racing each other ya? Rest up! BTW, the KLGCC Hill has been christened Niamah Hill.

  3. Indeed rest is part of the training :)
    I will tune down my training intensity after this weekend LSD, until the PACM LSD on 5 Feb @ Bukit Aman. You coming? We can get KY to join us and run together at 6:30~7:00 pace for 30km.

    1. February 5th you say? Sounds like a good idea :D Let me get back to you on that one.

  4. Yes, 5 Feb. For 30k we need to start around 5~5:30am. Should complete it in 4 hours. Let me know via FB.


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