It's A Wrap!

A new year beckons and a whole lot of new running goals await me in 2016. Whether I'll achieve them or not is a story for another day. I was about to write one of those usual New Year posts and reflect on the year that was but thought otherwise. Instead I'll take the time to reflect a little about the people behind the runners, namely the spouses/partners.

About a week ago, during a Christmas barbecue with the gang, the wife made a statement that had me thinking. She mentioned that all of us in the group were so in tune with each other and were cheerily chatting away about all things running but all of our spouses were sitting quietly in the background away from the 'limelight' by themselves.

Jamie giving tips on the proper way of eating capati :D ...

She had a valid point. One thing in common between all of us in the group, aside from the strong friendship we've formed, is that we all love running. We're practically out running on our own during weekdays and as a group during weekends (and public holidays) while our spouses are left at home waiting for us to get back from whatever crazy mileage or route one of us has cooked up for the week.

My wife has been very patient and supportive of my passion for running but maintains a very discreet presence in the background. Yes, she runs too but is not as 'competitive' as I am and my daily training and leaving the house every weekend to meet up with the gang for our runs can sometimes be pretty hard on her. I'm perpetually tired after my runs and can be a grumpy old chap and a grumpy Nick is not someone easy to deal with.

Yet through it all, she has been there for me, supportive of everything I do when it comes to running. She's the source of my encouragement. She never fails to believe in the things I do and is the one who keeps me grounded from signing up for insane things, though there are time I don't listen to her. She has waited hours on end for me to finish my races, even as long as 8 hours or more while I crawl through a 52k race in the hot blazing sun. She has been there for me as I cross the finish with a personal best/personal worst to share my joy or grief. She has stayed up through the night while I insanely run around the Penang Island. Yet never once has she wanted to be anywhere in the forefront of things.

There must always be some crazy picture anytime the group gets together ...

My wife is an extremely private person. She doesn't like to mix around much. It's not because she's stuck up or anything, that's just her. She doesn't even let me post pictures of us together, so you can imagine how private she can be. It took a long time for her to finally meet up with the group. At least now I can blame them for me being away for long hours on weekends and she'll know who to find ... LOL!

It is because of her that I'm pursuing a few goals within the next two years. It's because of her belief that I can do it is why I don't give up on my dreams. Yeah, I would like her to step up into the front with me at times but then, that would take away everything that she is. When she's ready to be as vain as I am, then I guess she'll finally make an appearance but until that day comes, I am glad that she stands behind me silently urging me on. It means a lot to me knowing she's there with me for the long haul.

And so I dedicate the new year to you babe and to all the other spouses/partners who are contend to let their other halves shine and leave them alone at home almost every weekend running at some godforsaken hour of the morning. You guys are truly awesome!

Happy New Year!