Rest In Peace, Super Kew!

Q, SuperKew, Mr. Stark, IronKew, Ironman or simply Kew as he was affectionately known among the group has left us for a better place. I've known Kew for only a short 3 years or so when I first met him at the GCAM training session back in 2013 and a strong friendship was formed.

One of our first group pictures together (Kew is the one squatting in the middle left with the peace sign)
Pic courtesy of Jamie.

Training together week on week as a group and racing together only made that bond stronger. I never knew back then what he had gone through or was going through but always thought of him as a strong runner and a person I looked up to. Now that I know what he had to endure, he really was the strongest and toughest amongst us.

One of the first times we ran together, I was struggling up a hill and he came to me and said firmly 'Come on, Nick, it's only a small incline, you can do this!'. I'll never forget those words of encouragement.

Pic courtesy of Jamie.

I have no words that I can say nor write here that will make the pain of losing a good friend any easier. I'm not an emotional person, but I could not hold back my tears when I got the news of his passing as I was making my way for our training run this morning. Knowing that he will no longer be running by our sides only made the pain worse.

Pic courtesy of Jamie.

I am blessed to have known him and to have ran by his side in the short time I had with him. You have taught me a lot of what it means to not give up and keep on fighting no matter how tough things got. Now it's time for you to finally rest Super Kew. I will sorely miss you and your cheery disposition on life. We will 'run' together again one day. Till then, keep on running in the heavens, my friend!

RIP Kew, and may the Lord grant you eternal peace! #FTT

Pic courtesy of Jamie.


  1. Kew I miss you too.. The news comes so suddenly. You will always in our mind.


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