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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Decisions, Decisions ...

I was out with the missus today at Sunway Pyramid getting our weekly sports outlet fix and stopped at the Adidas shop there. Now, while I'm currently using a Brooks Ghost 3 for most of my runs, I've always been a fan of Adidas running shoes.

I'm in the market to get a new pair of shoes seeing as how my trusty old Ghost 3 is already showing signs of aging. I've already got my eye on the Ghost 4 that is due out in a few months. I still have two other running shoes, an Adidas and a Mizuno but I was practically on the verge of buying the Adidas Climacool Ride running shoe today.

I tried it on and I kinda like the feel to it but was a little skeptical as it felt kinda naked on my feet. I'm pretty used to my snug and well cushioned (albeit a little heavy) Brooks that the Climacool Ride seems to feel like I have nothing on my feet.

While I'm bloody tempted to buy the shoe, I just don't know if it's the shoe for me. I'm not young and I tend to worry about the impact that runs through the length of my feet and the Climacool doesn't seem to give me that 'protective' feeling unlike my Ghost 3.

I don't know, I could be totally wrong and the cushioning of that shoe could be phenomenal but at RM369.00, do I dare take the risk of buying it and end up not using it like my Mizuno Wave Precision 10 which looking back was practically the wrong choice of shoe for me.

One thing I can be sure of is that the Climacool Ride is really 'cool' and breezy and would probably be a swell shoe to run in. The green one absolutely makes me salivate over it but like I said, it's a little on the high priced side to experiment with and let it gather dust. Wouldn't it be great if we could trial run a shoe we liked for a bit and then buy it if it was right for us? Siggghhh ... stop dreaming Nick!

But I'm still bloody tempted to get it though and with wifey prompting me to try it out, it makes my decision all the more difficult. Do I wait for the Ghost 4, a shoe that I know will be right up my alley or go and try something new, something that feels so minimalist that I don't know if it is the right shoe for me? What do you think?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Time To Race

It's going to be a pretty busy month from the end of this week until early July, race wise at least. I've got 4 races lined up starting from the end of this month right up until the first week of July and I'm all eager waiting for it :D

I'll be doing a 6K charity run at the end of this month called the SunMed Jogathon. While it's only a 6K run, both wifey and me decided to take part seeing as how it's for a charity organization for terminally ill children. Besides it's pretty nearby where I live in USJ, just a 5 minute drive away, maybe I should just run to the event location ... LOL!

A week after that, it's the New Balance Pacesetters 15K run in Putrajaya with wifey, who right now wants to wallop me on the head for dragging her along for the race. She's now started training like crazy to get accustomed for a 15K running distance ... LOL! She hasn't done a distance that long before and thinks I'm crazy for dragging her for the race. I'm sure she'll do fine :D

Twenty days after that comes the  next race which is the Standard Chartered KL Marathon which I'm signed on for the 21K and wifey doing the 10K. A week after that comes the ntv7 Feel good run, a new 7K event. Hope it's not going to be as badly organized as that Nightmare run.

Those are the races that I've already signed up and who knows, there just might be more races in the next few weeks that will draw my attention :D I still do have the Adidas King of The Road in October and the Penang Bridge International Marathon which I have not signed up yet. I'm still contemplating whether to use that race as my first ever full marathon run. Decisions, decisions ...

Friday, May 6, 2011


The throat is sore. The body has the signs of a fever. The nose feels a little clogged. This doesn't bode well for my weekend running ... siggghhh!

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Affair With That Thing Called Running

Sometimes it amazes me to see the distances some of my online running friends can do in a week. I'm simply astonished and have the utmost respect for them. Here I am, a 44 year old, at times struggling with my pace and distances and there I see some incredible runner going out and doing an amazing 55K run or even running ultra-marathons!

How do these guys do it? What I wouldn't give to be able to run distances like that. I've recently (over the past one year) started falling in love with running all over again. I started running way back in 1989 when my best buddy first dragged me to take part in the PJ Half Marathon. I was unprepared, untrained and knew next to nothing about running let alone a half marathon.

But being young and all that, I still somehow managed to muster the energy and strength to actually complete the PJ half marathon within the qualifying time and came in with a respectable time (well, at least for a newbie like me anyway) of 2:29:38. Though I was practically crawling across the finish line I was simply overjoyed that I actually ran my first ever half marathon.

That was when I fell in love with the sport of running and vowed that I would come back next year and do much better. And I did do better the next year. I was training religiously all year and completed my second edition of the PJ Half in 2:11:28 coming out in position 671. I still even have my bib numbers and the certs to this very day :D

Back then I used to run every morning along with my buddy and we were constantly racing each other to do better. Our running route those days started from section 8 taking us through the hilly parts of section 5 all the way through the federal highway and ending back at his house. Though these days running on the federal highway would prove suicidal.

It was a fun time. All we talked about was running. Weekends were reserved for running. I remember a time when he wanted to see his girlfriend who lived in Subang Jaya and instead of taking a bus to go see her, we decided to run there, hang out with her and then run back home covering a distance of 21K ... LOL! We were crazy about running back then.

Then work and other commitments came along and running started taking a back seat altogether. Soon, I completely stopped running. That was when the pounds started piling up and though I tried to get started again numerous times but always ended up making all sorts of excuses for not running. It also didn't help that I didn't have a running buddy to spur me on anymore.

It went on that way for years on end until last year when wifey and me decided that we're not young anymore and need to start taking care of our health again. We both started working out and getting in some running. Not far at first, just a kilometer or two and soon the passion I felt for running started slowly coming back to me.

I started increasing the intensity of my training to try and get back to some semblance of my running days of the past. I knew I wouldn't be able to get back the youth and stamina I had back then but I was adamant to try. Besides, now I have a running buddy to spur me on again namely my wife who equally shares my passion for running.

After a year of rediscovering my love for running, I'm happy to say that I'm running faster, better and longer than I've ever been in youth. All that hard work that I put in the past year is slowly but surely having an effect. I totally forgot how much I enjoyed running. I can't even imagine why I stopped running in the first place. I suppose I just used 'no time' as an excuse to not run. I believe you can always make time for anything. It's whether you want to or not.

While I'm enjoying myself considerably with my running again, I'm still being a little careful to avoid injuries. At my age, injuries is something that I worry about quite a bit. After the bout of shin splints that I suffered a few months back from over training, I'm a little more cautious and am just taking things progressively with my running.

Which is why I'm utterly in awe of you guys and girls who run countless of kilometers a week and are doing it on a daily basis. You guys are an inspiration. I have a couple of aims that I intend to accomplish starting with trying to run and hopefully finish my first ever marathon before the end of this year or early next year and if I'm still up to it, maybe an ultra-marathon one day. As much as I would love to take part in a triathlon, I simply cannot swim so that's out of the question. A duathlon is more of an option for me.

All that said and done, I'm blessed to have a wife who shares my passion for running and encourages me to keep on running and to not give up on my dreams of running a marathon. There is one more dream that I have which to me is the most important of all, which is to cross the finish line of a marathon along with her :D