The Mizuno Wave Run 2010

The Mizuno Wave run starts this Sunday and I'm not exactly about it. This is the first time I'm doing this run and while it's an 11km route, I've run numerous 10K's before which shouldn't pose a problem to me but I took a drive to survey the route with wifey and it looks to be pretty challenging what with all the ups and downs.

I for one prefer running a flat terrain but I guess you can't always have flat terrain. Wifey is relishing the challenge and has been doing incline training unlike lazy old me who doesn't bother with incline and concentrate more on speed.

Coupled with my recent bout of the flu and fever, I've missed a few of my regular training runs and I foresee a hard run for myself. But I'm up to the challenge and hopefully can complete the route in decent time.

I hope the weather will cooperate and not be too darn stifling. The current heat wave has me worried about dehydration and I aim to keep myself hydrated as much as I can cos I know I'll sweat off quite a bit of liquid from my body.

This will also be the second time I'm going to use my Brooks Ghost 3 for a race, which served me pretty well for the Nike City 10K run last week. The shoes was surprisingly comfortable and well cushioned that it felt like I was running on sponge. My other shoes, an Adidas, though lighter than the Brooks is not nearly shock proof enough.

Well, with all that said and done, though a little apprehensive I'm looking forward to the run :D