Withdrawal Symptoms

I'm getting race withdrawal symptoms. Wifey and me have been looking for some races to take part in for the month of November but can't seem to find any. I know there is the Penang International Bridge run in 20 days or so but we're not taking part in that race cos we didn't sign up fast enough and besides it's a little too far for us. We'd have to arrange babysitting for the two brats at home and we don't have the time to do that.

So for now, wifey is scouring the web to locate some local races in our vicinity and hopefully she'll find something :D In the meantime, we decided to make our own 10K race by running one today, just the two of us ... LOL!


  1. really!
    much more interesting to organize own competitions
    two players - two winners haha

  2. Family Lawyers Toronto - I have to agree ... the worst you can get is second place! LOL!

  3. hey!
    where are news about new competitions?!
    there is not winter yet:)

  4. BBQ Caterers Toronto - I can't find any myself just yet.


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