Never Too Old ...

I was at the MPSJ stadium today accompanying wifey for her run. After doing an 8KM session around the track and while waiting for wifey to finish her 8KM session I happened to notice this elderly lady running on the tracks.

There was nothing exceptional about her except that she was dressed in this pair of sneakers, a sarong and a blouse and had this look of gritty determination on her face as she did lap after lap. This got me thinking about all those lazy bums I encountered that had tons of excuses why they don't run (or even want to workout).

'Aiyaaa, where got time to run.'

'Cannot workout la, my legs can't take it.'

'I'm too old to run (or workout).'

Those are just some of the excuses I have heard in my lifetime and to be honest, I've used them myself. But seeing that elderly lady doing lap after lap just goes to show that it all boils down to WANTING to get out there and run.

It really is easy, all you need is just some determination with a lot less excuses and you'll do just fine. Which is why I'm enjoying my runs these days even though I ache each and every day after my runs.

My hats off to that determined auntie today :D


  1. You are right
    a great desire does wonders!
    sometimes we even don't guess, what real capabilities of our bodies!

  2. Glass Table Tops - I have to agree ...


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