A Break Too Long

I haven't run in three days and it's the longest non running period of rest I've taken since last year. But it isn't a voluntary rest period, I had to force myself to take a few days off running for the shin splints on my leg left heal a little.

Trust me, it wasn't easy taking this tiny break cos everytime I saw someone running, I wanted to head home and put on my shoes and hit the roads! Damn, I've become addicted to running that these days I even dream about running ... LOL!

The thing is I was never this addicted to running in my younger days. Yes, I loved to run. I can remember the times me and my best buddy Sean would run almost every morning and we both enjoyed it, but I wasn't a fanatic.

These days though, everything I do seems to somehow be associated with running. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. If I miss a day of running, I feel incomplete. It's like something is not right, so you can imagine how I felt the past three days. I suppose being addicted to running is way better than being addicted to lazing around, drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.

I'm actually so happy today cos I'll be going for my run session this evening. Enough of taking a break already. The leg feels much better and I've been taking care of it by icing and massaging it with a healthy does of ibuprofen, not forgetting the calf and shin strengthening routine I've been on. I hope it holds out for my run today and doesn't give me any more trouble. *Fingers crossed*


  1. It's only 3 days!!! Try a week, and you'll start biting your nails till bleed. Do you run everyday? I used to run everyday but friends said I shouldn't do that so it's been cut down to 3 times a week, took me awhile to adjust that but I think I still prefer to run everyday. Gonna run this evening I hope it doesn't rain. The weather is crazy here. Damn hot.

  2. Maslight - I try to run everyday ... LOL! No la, I run about 5 days a week. I take two days as rest days in between. Your friends are right, you can't run everyday cos your muscles need to rest and repair themselves :D All the best in today's run :D


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