Where Are All The Races?

My running is getting much better progressively. I've steadily increased my mileage to a minimum of 10K each run session with a long 21K at the end of the week. I must say that I'm enjoying my runs these days :D

I would enjoy it even better if I didn't suffer from shin splints, which I happen to be suffering from right now. It hurts like hell and I'm taking a few days off running to let it subside a little. I don't want it to get worse to the point of not being able to run. That would be disastrous!

It's already the middle of February and I haven't even ran a single race yet for this year. The nearest one that I know of which I haven't signed up for is the Bareno run in March. I don't think I'm going for that run cos I don't really want to run a race that is sponsored by some product that has nothing to do with running.

I'm looking forward to the Energizer Night Race in Sepang but that's still a long way off. It should be fun running on the Sepang circuit at night. I've signed up for the 21K and wifey has signed up for the 10K. She's been training pretty hard as well and is improving by leaps and bounds. I'm really proud of her and the effort she puts in for her runs.

But for right now, I've got to get this shin splint healed first and then concentrate of improving my pace. Happy running people :D


  1. Maslight - Thanks for following :D I came up with this blog to supplement my passion for running :D


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