Self Imposed Ban

I've been on a one week self imposed ban from running. My shin splints have taken a turn for the worse and with wifey's insistence (not to mention threats of breaking my legs ... LOL!), I've taken myself out of the running loop for a week to give my leg a rest and a chance to heal.

I thought I could block out the pain and simply run though it but it's not working and I feel excruciating pain during my runs which is a sign telling me to either rest or get totally crippled and not be able to run ever again.

I guess my over enthusiasm is the culprit here. I've been raking up the mileage non stop on a daily basis and may have done too much, too fast which resulted in me getting shin splints. I should really know better since I'm not a newbie at running.

It's been three days since I last ran but it feels like forever and I've still got at least another 5 days to go before I even attempt to run. The pain has subsided considerably though I still feel a soreness in my left side of the leg which is slowly but surely getting lesser with each passing day. At least now, I can walk without flinching too much :P

I hope to be back hitting the roads by end of next week. *Fingers crossed*


  1. I know rite? I rested for 3 days and ran today, and after running for 3km, I had to stop coz I'm feeling too much straining to my left ankle. *sigh, I wanted to run more, a friend is banning me from running for 3 weeks. I don't think I can rest that long.

  2. Maslight - It sucks not being able to run but sometimes, resting is the best solution if you wanna keep on running for a long time.


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