I'm a Runner: Drew Carey

I'm a huge fan of Drew Carey and his 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' and The 'Drew Carey Show' back when they used to air on TV over here. I wouldn't miss a single episode and would really laugh out loud, not the 'LOL' kinds you find here ... LOL!

Back then, I remember him as this fat (no offense to any fat people out there) and funny guy. Then the series stopped being aired in these parts of the world and I totally forgot about Drew Carey, that is until a month or so back.

I buy the Runner's World magazine every month and glanced through a short article about this runner named Drew Carey and actually didn't realize it was the same Drew Carey from the 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' series. It wasn't until the wifey told me that it was the one and the same Drew Carey that I was totally stunned.

The Drew Carey I saw in Runner's World was half the size he was from before and looked way healthier and younger and to top if off, he's a runner these days. That got me interested and I dug deeper and was amazed that he lost close to 85lbs (or maybe more) and is now happily interested in running :D

Then and now ...
And what made him decide to get fit and loose all that weight? 'I got sick of being fat!', was his reply. I'm seriously happy for him. He's now the host of 'The Price Is Right' and he's looking pretty good and healthy and so much younger than what he used to look. He's so far run the Marine Corp half marathon in 1'57", two whole minutes faster than my SCKLM time (damn him!) and is already scheduled for a full marathon this October.

He's featured in the October edition of Runner's World so be sure to get one today if you're a fan of Drew. If not, you can always read about him here in their online edition. It just goes to show that if you really set your mind to doing something, you can and will achieve it with hard work. Excuses like 'no time', 'it's not for me', 'I'm too old' and many more are just that, excuses!

Now excuse me while I go see if I can find an online site where I could download those old 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' episode. I simply love that series.


  1. I totally agree that when you set your mind to do something, that challenge can be achieved and conquered. :)

  2. I read that article too. Very inspiring. Btw (off topic) I was messing about on Garmin connect to look for PJ runners and found your uploads! Impressive man!

  3. Lina, It's all in the mind and the will to want to go through with it or not.

  4. Jamie, That was exactly my thoughts too.

  5. Tony, Stories like that are always inspiring.

    Thanks for the compliment but there's lots more runners out there that makes my uploads seem like child's play :D

    You from PJ too?

  6. I went through the weight-loss process myself, its make you feel really good about yourself. So far 10kg down from my starting point and its up-and-down around there for about 2 months now. Anyway, the weight-loss process will slow down after about 10~15kg (for normal guys), and the rest is depend on your will-power, diet, and extra training to drive further.
    I think there are 5~10kg to go until my optimum weight from 23~24 BMI point-of-view. I will need to control my diet to reach there :P

  7. Yeah I'm from PJ. I'm the newbie who's running around section 14. I see you are signed up for all the runs I'm running (10Ks). If I spot you I'll say hi. Keep up the good work (both running and writing)!

  8. Neoh, It does :D I went through a major weight loss programme too since I re-started my running last year and I'm glad to say it took a lot of hard work and will power to achieve it. All it needed was the proper mindset. You won't believe the things you can do if you set your mind to it.

  9. Mas, True :D In fact, I think everyone should just resolve to be healthy!

  10. Tony, You're signed up for runs too, that's cool. Yes, please do shout out if you happen to see me :D Always nice to meet a fellow runner.


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