The Sabbatical

It's a National holiday tomorrow for Malaysia day and normally I'd be delighted cos of the opportunity to do a longer morning run for three consecutive days. I don't do morning runs on weekdays simply because I can never wake up. But it's a different story entirely when it comes to holidays and weekends cos I'll be up at an ungodly hour of 4am to pound the streets.

Unfortunately, the next three to four days is going to see me hitting zero mileage as I'm going to be pretty tied up from morning till late night with some stuff that needs to be done by Sunday. Though I could try to squeeze in a run, I know it'll just be an effort in futility. I don't think I'd have the energy to run let alone walk. Might as well just give running a miss for the next couple of days, at least until I get everything done.

Besides, it'll give the tired legs some time to get refreshed before the Siemens run next Sunday, followed by the Adidas KOTR run the following week. While I'm not too concerned about the Siemens run, which goes through a nice leafy route, I'm a little skeptical about the Adidas KOTR run cos I've never run the NPE before. It's practically shadeless and there are some pretty long inclines along the way.

It's been quite a while since my last race, the Shape Night run and I'm itching for a race. The Siemens run will be quite a good warm up before taking on the Adidas KOTR, The Night Marathon (21K), The PJ Half and the CICM Responsible run (21K) with the Desa Park City 10K as the final race for the year. It's going to be a pretty tight schedule seeing as how almost all the races are just two weeks apart. Hope these old legs can hack it.

Next year will be a pretty interesting year for me as I attempt to try my hand (or rather legs) for my first full marathon. I haven't identified which event I'd like to attempt the FM just yet. I'd probably give it a go with the SCKLM, if they don't cancel the event that is. It looks like a nice setting to come out and run myself silly for 42.195 kilometers. Any suggestions on a race I could use as my inaugural FM?

With that said and done, if you're maximizing the long weekend with running, have fun and as the Brooks motto goes, run happy :D


  1. Have a good rest and settle all those o/s stuff & errands once and for all. xD

    You sure have lots of races lined up. I wonder if I'm gonna catch that bug sooner or later! LOL

    I'm itching to get running again. Gonna wake up early tomorrow and do a slow run/walk workout before registering myself for KLIUC race on Sunday.

  2. I had another 6 races until end of the year, and the 1/1/12 look like will be another racing day (Newton Run 2012) :P

    btw, you should try out the Newton Run which normally have 25~30km category as one of your pre-Marathon races :D

    Happy running!

  3. Lina, I'll bet you'll be signed up for a lot of races soon. Once you start, you can't stop. Running is like a drug, but a good and healthy kind of drug :D

  4. Neoh, Looks like we got about the same number of races lined up :D

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely sign up for it :D The 30K sounds like fun.


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