Cough, Cough, Ptuuiii ...

I'm running the CICM 21K Responsible Care Run early tomorrow morning in Setia Alam and truth be told, I'm totally not ready for it. I've been down with the flu and cough the entire week and have not even taken one step out on the roads this week for any training runs.

In fact, I'm not 100% recovered yet and am still stuck with smatterings of cough and spitting out globs of gooey yellow green phlegm (ok, ok, I know that's not a pretty picture but I just had to share my sufferings with you guys ... LOL!). I don't know how that's going to affect my run tomorrow but I know it can't be good. I'm probably going to keep to the extreme left in case I need to stop and spit out more of that yellow green gooey phlegm (ok, ok, I know I should stop describing my phlegm but heck, I love describing my phlegm, lucky I didn't post a pix of it ... hahaha!).

But seriously, I'm not having any expectations of doing well in this run. Before I fell sick and when I went to pick up the race kit, I recced the place and was excited that it was pretty flat. Just the right terrain for a fast run to see if I could get a new PB for a 21K. I was telling the wife, this time I'll make sure I have a proper breakfast, and carry loads of energy gel (unlike the PJ Half) and see if I could pull of a faster 21K than I did in the previous race. But now, after falling sick, even divine intervention ain't gonna be much help. I'll be happy if I can come in in 2 hour and 30 minutes!

It was really bad timing that both the wife and me fell sick together this week. It screwed up our training the entire week. At least she managed to squeeze in a quick 10K yesterday though she was even more sick than I was, while I missed the entire week. I guess I'll just take an easy run and try to enjoy the run and just concentrate on finishing it.

There's only two more races for us to go after this which is the Nike 10K and my 'home ground' run, the MPSJ 10K and that will be it for the year. I'll be starting my new year with the Newton Run and followed by the Multi-Purpose run, though I have yet to register for it. Hope I'm not too late though. After that I have no idea what races are in store but I've kinda limited my participation to races that are distanced over 15K next year. Need to keep an eye on my spending. Races are not cheap and we can't really afford to take part in every race so the 10K races, save a few, will have to be sat out.

Anyways, here's wishing all the best to everyone running the CICM tomorrow. Hope the weather will be kind this time round.


  1. Don't think too much and just enjoy the run!
    See you in Nike 10k.

  2. All the best for you & wife Nick! Don't push too much if you are still unwell though.

    Take care.

  3. All the best! Hey try a steamed orange+salt for the cough. Oh wait, I'll blog about that for you. Coz it works for me. ;)

  4. Neoh, I'll try :D See you in the Nike 10K.

  5. Lina, Thanks :D Am just going to take it easy. Plan is to completed the run.

  6. Mas, Thanks. It does? Will check out your post. I sure need something to clear this cough.

  7. well, you still did well today. :)


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