Ammah Redemption Run

After the debacle of having the world's worse stomach ache and having to suffer for 2KM looking for a petrol station, discovering I ran the wrong hill and then being totally outrun by the wife, I just had to go back today and find the right 'Ammah' hill and run it.

Well, I'm glad to say that even though I only trial ran a tiny fraction of the Newton Challenge route, I managed to take 'Ammah' and one of her daughters both ways, front and rear ... hahaha ... that really, really, really sounds disgustingly perverted!

You know all those horrible things you heard about about 'Ammah' and her daughters? Well, I can tell you that every single one of those horror tales are absolutely true! The hill was as daunting and challenging as it's made out to be and even though I only ran 10KM section of the route, practically 70% of it was uphill.

But surprisingly, I kinda enjoyed the route and the hilly challenges it posed. It was tough workout running up those darn hills nonstop but you felt a sense of satisfaction everytime you reached the peak which was so close to heaven you could practically wave at God ... hahaha! Yes, the inclines were that steep and what's worse was that it was a nice slow, long gradual climb that had your heart beating like a drummer on steroids the moment you reached the peak.

But heck, I enjoyed every moment of it and though I know my calves are gonna protest tomorrow, it was thoroughly worth it. At least now, I know what I need to do to get through 'Ammah' and her daughters.

On a serious note, the route is extremely challenging and it will be my longest distanced race so far. After the run, the wife and me took a drive along the entire race route and it looks downright challenging. What little flats there were, were so few and far between that you'd be practically running uphills at least 70% of the time, based on the sections I ran and also the sections I drove through.

I foresee a problem for myself just as you turn towards Kinrara Uptown after coming down 'Ammah' and heading for the first of two roundabouts. That stretch is utterly long and absolutely boring. Boring stretches like that tend to take a lot of out me. The hills may be challenging but they're far from boring and has its own character unlike that stretch. We'll see how it goes on race day.

At least now, I have a picture of the entire race route and what's ahead of me, which will make planning how I run the race much easier. No guessing about how long that hill stretch will be or how long more before I reach that roundabout for the final leg of the run. I can now plan how to pace myself properly, when to slow down, when to speed up or when to charge to the finish line. Most importantly, I know where the darn petrol stations are in case I need to make an emergency pitstop :D

Overall I would say the experience was well worth it and at least now the wife can stop teasing me about how she outran me yesterday ... LOL!


  1. The Newton Challenge will be a slow run for me, target to run with 7 min pace so it will be a 3 hours full enjoyment at the Ammah Hill :P

    See you at the starting line!

  2. You, telling us how bad the Ammah is actually makes me more interested in trying the route someday.

    Gosh, I wish I'll be at the starting line with you guys too. Boohoo!

  3. Neoh, Same here, I don't intend to ran at my usual pace. The hills are just too challenging and besides it's a long race, need to conserve some energy for the finish. See you there :D

  4. Lina, LOL! You should try it one day. It's tough but it's a nice challenge :D

    Just bandit the run la ... hehehe!

  5. @Nick,
    I wish!

    Want to bandit also, still need someone to drive me over there. LOL

  6. Great preparation you had for Newton. Wah! Like this you'll be flying up Ammah hills on the new year, bro! :)


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