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Monday, April 4, 2011

Nike+ GPS SportsWatch

I went for a run with wifey yesterday and for the first time since she got hooked on running, we started and finished together :D We normally have very different pace and speeds. I'm competitive and technical about my running and am concerned about my pace, type of run, speeds, etc while she's the more leisurely runner who just runs cause she enjoys the exhilaration of running.

Because of that, we don't get to run together. I'm way faster than her (LOL!) but yesterday I thought it would be fun to run with her at her pace, which is pretty good, mind you and found it to be an entirely different experience. It was a nice paced run, very relaxed and easy for me and I even managed to enjoy the scenery for once. I'm normally too focused on my run that I don't bother much about my surroundings.

It was nice to be able to run with her and we've set a run together once a week :D It'll be a day after one of my long run sessions. I'm actually already looking forward to our next run together. And speaking of wifey, her running has improved by leaps and bounds and she's able to complete distances like 10K non-stop in very respectable timing too. For someone who never liked running, I take my hat (if I wore one that is) off to her :D

On a different topic altogether, I have found new love! Yes, as much as I love wifey from the bottom of my heart, I have fallen for a new love. The moment I laid my eyes on my new love, I couldn't stop drooling. My new love is none other than the new Nike+ GPS Sportswatch that has been released in the US and UK a few days back ... LOL!

I read a tweet from Jamie Pang who tweeted about this new love of mine and the moment I saw the picture of it, I made up my mind that I'm gonna buy this the moment it comes to our shores! This thing beats any other GPS enabled watch hands down in terms of looks and it has one advantage that the other GPS watches (at least I think so) doesn't. If there's no GPS lock up, you can still use the Nike+ GPS SportsWatch to record your stats cos it still works with your shoe sensor. Awesome!

I already own the Nike+ SportsBand but the moment this comes here, I'm ditching the SportsBand and getting this. It's a thing of beauty and it doesn't hurt that it comes in my favourite black and lime green color scheme too :D It's touted to be priced in the range of $199-$299 and is expected to be launched here in July or August. I'm still drooling looking at this thing of beauty.


  1. hey I'd like to ask which stores available this nike sportwatch gps and how much is it? thanks in advance.

    1. Unfortunately they don't have it available here yet and trying to ask Nike customer service when it's going to be available is like trying to squeeze water from rock. I went out and bought a Garmin instead.

  2. Hey Nick, just to share with you that I bought the sport watch recently. Cool item I must say even though there's only one colour available which is the Black/Vot/Yellow. It's seeling at RM599.

    1. Thanks for the update Daniel. Are they selling it here already? Let me know how it performs, ya. I'm a little pissed with my Garmin 610 at the moment and am looking for a back up, just in case.