The Brooks RM150.00 Old Shoe Rebate

Three days to the Nike 10K run this weekend and then followed by the Mizuno wave run the following weekend. I must be nuts to attempt two runs in two consecutive weeks!

Anyways, if you're looking for a new pair of running shoes and you happen to have an old worn out pair of old sneakers at home, why don't you take them to any Brooks outlet and you'll be able to get a rebate of RM150.00 when you purchase any shoe in their outlet.

The promotion lasts the entire month of October and I think it's a great promotion. I brought in my really old shoes and got myself a nice new pair of Brooks Ghost 3 running shoes which was a steal at RM150.00 less from it's original price.

I'm still breaking in the shoes and hopefully it will be 'race-worthy' by this weekend :D So, don't wait till all the good shoes are gone, go right now and 'sell' you old pair of sneakers for RM150.00!

P.S. I recommend the Brooks outlet at the Curve. The owner is a nice and knowledgeable gentleman :D


  1. aiks! bilo u beranak lagi sebijik blog? gilooooooo giloooooooooooo

  2. Anny - Memang gilooooooo betul that fellow! LOL!


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