Adidas KOTR 2011 Race Review

First of all, a big congratulations goes out to the organizers for a race well done. I don't think anyone would or should have a bad thing to say about the race. Kudos Adidas. For me, this was one of the better organized races that I participated in this year.

With that said and done, the race was a good one for me. Decked with my untested Brooks Pure Connect, I was all eager to put the shoe through the test. And I'm happy to say that if I had four thumbs, it would get a four thumbs up! For a start, I hardly felt the shoe. It was snug, it was light, it was airy and for a 'minimalist' rated shoe, it had just enough cushioning to support these old legs of mine. Money well spent :D

The race itself was an awesome one for me. The weather was just about excellent for a run and the route was pretty darn challenging for an expressway. What I really liked about the race was the absolutely lack of cars with crazy and impatient drivers honking their dissatisfaction for runners ruining their beloved Sunday drives.

The entire expressway was off limits to traffic and it was bliss not having to endure the usual harassment from these drivers and suffering through exhaust fumes. If you ask me, they should just close all roads completely during races like these but then we all know that's never gonna happen.

The race started right on time at 6.45am and this time I made sure I was out there in front and not have to fight my way through the starting crowd. Because of that front starting position, I managed to do the first 4-5K's at an average of 4.54 - 5.00 minute pace. But I wasn't intending to maintain that pace throughout cos I was aware of the first killer incline looming at the 6K mark and slowed the pace down. Kept to a steady pace and attacked the hills (which almost had me on the verge of crying ... hahaha) and rested on the downward stretch.

That was to be my strategy throughout the balance of the race and I was happy to come in with time of 1.26.34 and still able to walk and smile at the end of it all ... LOL! I don't know if it was the shoe or all that training I've been putting in but I didn't feel a single pain or ache throughout and even after the run. It's bliss running pain-free and I intend to keep it that way :D

My medal modelling dog (and enjoying it too)  ...
As mentioned earlier, the race was well organized. The water stations were exactly where they said it would be and the water was dispensed properly without having to wait for the volunteers to fill up the cups like what I experienced in some previous races. I don't know about the rest of you but in every water station that I came across, they were handing out the cups to the runners making it easy for us to keep on running without having to stop and breaking the rhythm.

There were more than enough distance markers to let you know how far you need to go thus being able to pace yourself better. Got bogged down a little at the 15K mark (or was that 14k?) when the 10K runners merged with the 16.8K runners and had to expend a little more energy swerving in and out to avoid them. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the race and would do it again without hesitation if they held it in the same venue next year.

Congratulations goes out to each and every runner out there who completed the run be it 10K runners or the 16.8K runners who had to endure the inclines :P It was nice seeing so many people who shares the same running passion that I do. Hope we get many more people interested in this crazy sport called running!

Ok, now I'm off to get a much needed nap :D


  1. Fantastic pace, I can imagine the green smoke from the pure connect coming out from you track :D

  2. Neoh, Thanks and LOL at the green smoke.

  3. Great job Nick! And good to hear the new shoes working well for you. Sure a lot of people had to inhale your green smoke this morning with the pace you were running! ;p

  4. Lina, Thanks but it was more like me inhaling all those other faster runners blue, orange and yellow smoke ... LOL!

  5. Fantastic Nick! No wonder i smelled burned rubbers, it was you :)

  6. Ray, Hahaha ... burnt rubber pulak. I was trying my best to preserve my new shoes la ... baru beli la, only one day old lagi tu ... hahaha!

  7. Superb run there! Congrats! You're surely a fast runner. I just stumbled onto your blog, so dont mind if I add you to my list? Tq in advance! :]

  8. Zack, welcome to my humble blog :) You're more than welcome to add me.


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