Butterflies, My Tummy & The Night Run

Slightly a day more to go before the Putrajaya Night Marathon and I'm having butterflies in my tummy. In fact I'm feeling a little apprehensive about the run. The wife keeps telling that I'm only running the half marathon and I've run half marathon's before so I shouldn't really be feeling apprehensive about anything, especially running. She say's I'll do just fine and to just go out there and enjoy myself.

I know she's right and I know I should be able to run the half without any major hitches but heck, these butterflies are hard to quell! I guess it must be the excitement of the entire thing. I've been looking forward to this event ever since the day I signed up for it and ended up being the first darned participant to sign up and had to go through an unexpected video interview at the organizers office, which was downright embarrassing ... LOL!

Anyways, like I said, I'm nervous but excited at the prospect of running tomorrow night. A training run is just a training run and there's nothing that can describe the feeling of an actual race event running alongside a host of other fellow runners. It's really a great feeling to see a mix of all kinds of people, the big, the small, the tall, the short, the hunky looking, the sexy model like, all there for one thing, which is to have fun and run. All the best to everyone participating.

I've yet to decide on what shoe I'll be wearing for the event. Right now, it's going to be a toss between my Green Silence and the Pure Connect. The Green Silence is a proven shoe for races while I've only used the Pure Connect for one race which was the KOTR two weeks ago but judging by the fact that it went through a 16.8K run with nary a problem, the chances are I'll risk it for the PNM tomorrow. But just in case, I'll bring both shoes along.

So far, I've only used the Pure Connect three times in total and it's been a pretty positive outlook for the shoe. The only thing I noticed about the shoe (for me anyway) was the achy calves after each run. I guess, the lack of cushioning and the fact that I'm doing more natural midfoot running with the shoe must play a part in the calf aches. At least I know the leg fatigue issues I had with my more cushioned but heavier Ghost 3 doesn't seem to manifest anymore, thanks to the much lighter weighted Green Silence and Pure Connect.

With that said and done, butterflies and all, I can't wait for the run tomorrow night. See you guys there and holler out if you see me cos I'm a little blind at nights ... hahaha!


  1. Good luck tomorrow to you and wife Nick!

    Have lots of fun too.:)

    p.s. so glemer people take video of you. hihi

  2. Nick, you should link that video here :P
    Just have fun and no need to nervous lah, see you tomorrow.

  3. you should post the video here. :D i wonder what you look like. hee.

  4. Lina, Thanks :D It was more embarrassing than glamourous la ... LOL!

  5. Neoh, Aiyaaa, embarrassing la that video ... LOL!

  6. Anonymous, Hahaha ... like I'm telling everyone, embarrassing la that video!


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