Sleeping Beauty

The PJ Half Marathon is just around the corner and I'm forseeing a horrible week leading to the race with a huge chance of me not getting in much training for it. One reason is cos of the daily evening rains and the other is the tight work load that awaits me this week.

And don't even ask me to wake up in the early mornings to run. The only time I do that is on race days and weekends. Other days, even an earthquake with a magnitude of 10 on the Richter scale wouldn't even budge me!

At least the coming Deepavali holidays would give me an opportunity to run in the morning. Somehow, I can actually wake up on holidays that fall during the weekday ... LOL! It's either that or I don't get in any running at all before the race. I suppose there is a good side to not being able to run before the PJ Half. The legs would have enough time to be well rested and I'd be totally fresh for the race.

But not being able to run and seeing other people running is plain cruel! There should be a law against it ... hahaha! I'm looking forward to the PJ Half though, seeing as how the route looks pretty 'easy' though somewhat boring. I'm going to go along with Neoh's idea of seeing if we both can run on the Federal highway faster than we can normally drive which judging by the usual daily crawl along that stretch is entirely doable :D

I'm just hoping the race is going to be well organized and the water stations are adequate cos the entire stretch is pretty barren and once the sun comes up, which is kinda early, the weather is going to get a little hot and the need for hydration is going to be pretty important. I drive along the race route for work daily and it's really direct sunlight without much shade. So, finishing the race fast would be a good idea too. Hope to see all the usual faces at the race this weekend :D

With that said and done and if I don't get the chance to get online, I'd like to make an early wish to all my Hindu buddies wishing them a beautiful Deepavali.


  1. Hahaha... yeah, why is it that it's easier to wake up at ungodly hours in the weekend to run but so hard to do on weekdays for work? ;p

    Good luck for your PJ Half marathon. Even without any more training (rain at night is nice but sure sucky for us, eh?) I bet you can aced it! All the best to you & wife! :)

  2. I haven't put in any training at all last week and a half. I normally depend on the hubs to bring me training.. and last week he was on the evening shift so that totally screwed with my time. I really can't go in the mornings, because my body just won't co-operate. I become lazy the rest of the day and I won't be able to get any chores done.

    When I finally though the weather would co-operate, I packed a light picnic for the hubs and the children and we headed to Subang Park. The moment we reached there, the torrential downpour started. They ended up picnicking in the car while I seethed.

    I miss running. I hope I could pull off my first run just fine. SAD! :(

  3. Lately the jam at Federal Highway is getting worst in the morning rush hours. So we will definitely running faster than we can drive :P

    The sun will come out by 6:50am, and it will be brazing hot from 7:30am if there is no cloud. I am thinking whether I should carry my usual bottle of Gatorade, but that will sure slow down the pace. Anyway, will stick to what offer by the organizer as they promised water station at every 4km.

  4. Haha.. I'm used to morning run, but since life schedule got the better of me, I turn to night training runs and occasional morning LSD on Saturday. Got to do with what we have...
    Good luck Nick! Dont worry too much. If we cant ace them, run them easier a bit and have fun doing so.

  5. Lina, I actually lay out all my running clothes the night before so I'll feel guilty if I don't wake up to run ... LOL!

    There's the good and bad about the rain, depends on which side of the fence you're on :D

    Thanks, the two of us are hoping to do well in the PJ half.

  6. Shemah, The rain does play havoc with the running schedule doesn't it. Why don't you try running at the MPSJ track, a little boring to be running in circles, I know but at least there's the grandstand to take cover in case of rain.

    Once you're hooked on running and you don't get to run, you sure miss it a lot :D Hope the weather clears up so we all can get in some decent running time.

  7. Neoh, I've never seen federal highway clear except when I have to work really late and get home at 4am in the morning ... LOL!

    The water stations are every 4K? Aiyaa, I thought they would be nearer ... LOL! Hope to see you there again.

  8. Zack, I'm used to evening runs but it's a no go during the rainy spell. Guess I'll have to force myself awake in the mornings to run to make up for the missed evening runs.

    I plan to enjoy myself regardless during the PJ Half :D

  9. all the best for your PJ half!

    love the way you write. :D

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  11. YJ, Thanks. Will check out the link.


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