Ready Or Not ...

With slightly around 5 days to go before embarking on a 52km challenge this weekend, I'm having some doubts about my current state of readiness. In fact, I am so unprepared for it that I have no idea what the route actually looks like and just how many CP's there'll be! But with a 30 hour cut off, I should have nothing to worry about though. I could stop by Alamanda, catch a movie and still be able to crawl back before the cutoff!

I really shouldn't be joking about this but a 30 hour cut off is extremely generous if you ask me but there's also the more challenging 78km, 100km and 160km event that share the same 30 hour cut off too. The only good decision I made about this race is downgrading myself from the 100km category to the 52km category. I'd classify that as pure genius on my part ... hahaha!

Of course I don't intend to take 30 hours to finish it though, that would be ridiculous of me but with an inconsistent training plan that's only just seeing me add some consistency to it, I can't even give myself a realistic and proper goal to aim for as my finishing target. I guess I'll just have to wing it on race day and see how things pan out. Besides, the wife told me not to make such a big drama about it and just get the job done! Good advise that I shall heed.

Contemplating my foolhardiness in signing up for races ...
The short weekend break I took with the family away from town was a nice break from things to take the mind away from the stress of work and life. I had a good time and came back mentally refreshed. Though the rain ruined some of our evening plans, we still made the most of it. The wife and me even managed to squeeze in some running time, which is always fun.

I've still got three races left to complete for the year, including this weekend's 52km followed by a 10km race next week and a marathon in December before wrapping up my race calendar for the year. My race calendar for next year is still a work in progress but my main race for the year has been penned in and all my training will be geared mainly for that. I don't really intend to sign up for too many races mainly because I can't afford them at the going rate of races these days.

The training, whether I sign up for races or not, doesn't really stop, at least not if I don't want to be left behind by my ever improving GC group buddies. It's becoming a real challenge to keep up with them these days. I'll be concentrating a lot more on training and hopefully achieve some of what I set out to accomplish in 2015.

At least my morning run sessions are not that lonely these days since the wife has incorporated her training to parallel mine every other day. Though we train at a different pace and follow different plans, it's always good to see her on the road with me every time our paths crisscross, takes away the monotony from the run. She's been improving at a steady rate and I'm really happy for her.

That said, here's to more training!