Brooks - Run Happy

I knew running shoes can make a whole lot of difference in your runs but I didn't know how much a difference until today.

This morning, wifey and me went for our usual Saturday morning run session. We went to our favourite location again which was the TTDI park. This is only the second time we've been here. I have this habit of alternating between my three pairs of running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Precision 10, the Adidas Litestrike Eva and my Brooks Ghost 3.

Last week I ran this route with my Brooks Ghost 3 but today I decided to use my Adidas which in hindsight was one of the silliest decisions I made in a long time. While the Adidas was lightweight and served me well on terrain that was much softer like synthetic tracks or asphalt roads, it was horrible on a track that was 85% cobblestone like, which was what the TTDI park was.

My legs took a horrible pounding and I could feel every single shock from those blasted cobblestones right up to my teeth! It was by far one of my worst runs to date and I suffered in pain with each and every step I took, though I still did push myself to complete a minimum of 12 kilometers. It took a while for me to recover after the run just to drive back.

I had my Brooks on last week and that shoe, as far as I'm concerned, has cushioning second to none! Running the same route last week with my Brooks was a breeze, I didn't even feel a thing. The cushioning was phenomenal. I don't care if people say that a heavily cushioned shoe will tire your legs out in the long run but heck, I'd rather have tired feet than feet that feels like it's being hit with a sledgehammer every step I take.

At least from now on, I know that Brooks will be my choice of shoe for terrains that are hard and unforgiving but that doesn't mean I'm going to neglect my Adidas and Mizuno though. Those shoes work better on more gentle terrains and will do just nice for my speed runs :D