Rest When We Die

It's a public holiday in this part of the world. I'd like to wish all those who celebrate the festival, a happy Thaipusam, if there is such a greeting anyway ... hehehe ...

I love public holidays (who doesn't) cos it gives me and wifey a lot more time to satisfy our running craze. On workdays, I can't really run all that far and would have to rush through the run just so I can get home and get ready for work.

Public holidays on the other hand give me loads of time to take it easy on my runs and not worry about having to rush home for work and stuff. Unfortunately we don't have all that many public holidays :P

This morning we woke up bright and early at 6.00am, though I was still half a sleep but credit goes to wifey for forcing me out of bed, to head out to the KLCC park for our run. Trust me, we're both a little insane in a way to wake up while people are still soundly asleep in bed on a public holiday and drive all the way into the city (which is not near, mind you) just to run. We could always run in our housing area but we like the KLCC park which has a synthetic running path that is forgiving on the knees of old fogeys like me ...hehehe ...

Though I put in my required mileage, my run wasn't all that good. It was a difficult and sluggish run cos I was still half asleep throughout the run and there were many a times I wanted to just stop and snooze under one of those shady trees they have there ... LOL! But overall, I still kept to a steady regular pace throughout and managed to cover 15KM's of running for the day.

Had my Brooks Ghost 3 on and like I said in my previous post, it's has exceptional cushioning and will be my choice of shoes for my longer runs. My other two shoes will be used for my shorter and speed running days.

With that said and done, I'm going to head to bed to grab a short afternoon nap before heading out with wifey this evening for some running gear shopping :D Have a great holiday folks and don't forget to run. As my best buddy and fellow runner Sean would say, we rest when we die :P