Park Hopping

So the new year is upon us and I still haven't found a race to run for this month. Wifey has also been searching high and low trying to locate at least one 10K for us but so far no luck. Looks like we're destined to go through January without a single race.

Our aim this year is to run a minimum of one race a month, the more the merrier. I've also targeted to try and take part in one full marathon somewhere in the forth quarter of the year, that is if I'm up to it. Training for me has begun in earnest after the holiday celebrations, time to burn off all those rich holiday goodies I've been swallowing.

Actually both wifey and me have become addicted to running that besides our usual daily training sessions, we're always on the lookout for places to run for our long runs, safe places to run that is. Running on the roads these days can get you killed with the morons we have behind the wheels.

So what we do is we search for park with running paths for our weekend long runs. So far, we like the KLCC park that covers a circuit of 1.3 kilometers. The scenery is pretty decent too but it's a little too far, not that it stops us anyway.

Last week, I read that TTDI had this park that had a running circuit covering 2.2 kilometers and we decided to check it out. Unfortunately though we took a wrong turn and ended up at this place called Kiara hills which was an awesome place to do some fartlek training. It was more like a forest reserve that went all the way to heaven ... LOL!

Once you reach the top after a 1km uphill walk that's perfect as a warm up, you'll start at this intersection with a 2km route that is littered with some steep slopes and even steeper downhill stretches which would really ruin your day if you slipped and fell ... LOL! I relished attacking the uphill stretches and am looking forward to tackling it again. Oh and one word of warning though, you'd have to also watch out for monkeys crossing your path while you run cos there are loads of them there.

After that hill run, we weren't satisfied and went to look for the TTDI park that we wanted to go to in the first place. Again we took a wrong turn and ended up at this other mini forest reserve park like thingy quite near the IBM building and decided to try it out thinking it was the park we were looking for. But it turned out to house a teeny weeny running path and I even saw a huge black mean looking snake which had both wifey and me running out of there faster than you can spell s-n-a-k-e ... LOL!

Suffice to say that was the end of our running for the day and we vowed that we would find this other park for this weekends long run session. I managed to find it today while on the way for an appointment and I must say I was salivating just thinking of running this circuit. It looked like it had some mean uphill stretches that I'm going to enjoy tackling :D

Okay, now I'm going to get some rest cos my legs are aching slightly from my 15km training run this morning.