The Hills Are Alive ...

Wifey and me did our run session at the TTDI park early this morning. We couldn't find the park last week but managed to figure out its location this week and decided to try it out. There's only one thing I can say about this park. AWESOME!

First off, it's a beautiful park to begin with. It's enveloped by a backdrop of greens and starts off with a nice incline (depends on where you start) and ends with a long downhill stretch to recover from the earlier inclines.

The park has three routes, from what I saw with the outermost route being the longest and most challenging one. It's approximately 2.2 kilometers and the inclines are nicely placed on one end to give your legs and lungs a nice workout. There is one detour somewhere a little up the start of the second (or was that third?) uphill stretch for those who don't want to take on the next set up uphill stretches with the third route being approximately 1.1 kilometers that encircles the lake at the entrance.

Bright and early ...
I started off with the outer route and took on the hills which I love doing these days. I relish routes that incorporate hilly sections. They give the lungs, heart and legs a good workout. The air was cool and though I felt a slight tightening of my calf muscles (due to improper warming up) at the early stages, the entire run was pretty good.

I ended the run on the outer lake route, clocking up a total of 11 kilometers with a time of 59 minutes, not too bad for an old fart like me ... LOL! Wifey also loved the route and made her personal best time for a run totaling approximately 10 kilometers. I'm darned proud of her and her running these days :D

I don't have any negative things to say about the park except that the running path was a little too small and was a tight squeeze if there were more than 3 people walking together on it. The other thing I didn't fancy was the suspension bridge that was hard on my knees. Other than that it's an awesome place to run.

The lush green backdrop ...
Though it's quite a distance from were we live, both wifey and me don't really mind waking up in the wee hours of the morning just to drive there to satisfy our lust for running :D I'll most definitely be there again next week. Now I'm off to bed cos I have another running session planned for tomorrow, this time much closer to home though :D

A word of advise, make sure your wear running shoes with good cushioning (like my Brooks Ghost 3 ... LOL!) cos the track can be a little hard on the knees.


  1. This is where i used to go every weekend last time.. sometimes too :p but usually i go there to pancing ikan longkang or go on the slides or just chit chat with kawans. I love the route there too.. cos got a lot of monyet :)

    Try the hill behind this... there's another route.. further down this opening... that will kind of bukak your lungs big time. Its nearer to the IBM tower.

  2. Anny - Wah, you can pancing ikan one ah? LOL!

    I actually love this place. It's really ideal for running. we tried the hill behind the week before and that one is also a real challenge! I just love both places :D

    Urmmm, they all never arrest you for playing on the slides ah? LOL!

  3. There's a stream there in the middle.. lots of tiny fishes there. I used to take my sister's kids there every weekend to play. We take those small green nets and buckets. Sometimes i go to exercise kononnya.. but actually i just like to hang out there. Too bad they don't allow dogs there. Now we go to Desa Parkcity.. they allow dogs at that park :)

  4. Anny - I noticed that stream but I didn't know got fishes in there. Cannot la allow dogs, what if those dogs starts chasing me while I'm running ... hahaha ... but then come to think of it, maybe I can run faster like that ... LOL!


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