Men's Health Shape Night Run 2012: Race Review

The Men's Health Shape Night Run, one of the only three night races in this country (at least I think it is) came and went and though the route was a much more difficult one compared to last year, I did thoroughly enjoy myself.

This race holds special meaning for the wife and me, sort of like an anniversary run if you must, for us. This is our third year of participating in this event. Three years ago, this event marked the first time we ran together which sparked her interest in running and rekindled my passion for the sport

The fact that both our entries were so kindly sponsored by Skechers Malaysia was also another factor why I was looking forward to this run. Before I go further, the wife and me would like thank Skechers Malaysia, especially Ivan and Adeline for the entry sponsorship and also the kind hospitality they showed us even though they were both pretty busy at the event.

As always, the wife and me headed to the race location early to avoid parking hassles. Found a nice parking spot but was a little worried about break-ins since that place is pretty synonymous with thefts. Was a little relieved to see quite a bit of Rela personnel on hand at the parking lot but even then, just to be safe, I didn't bring any valuables with me.

Just as we were walking to the start, Jamie honked at us, parked his car and caught up with us in no time, that fellow is simply a speed demon ... LOL! The weather was excellent, which was surprising really seeing as how the afternoon was blistering. Headed over to the Skechers booth, met up with Adeline and Ivan and a few of the Skechers big wigs.

Jamie and Calvin, whom I'd just met were going for a pre-run 10K, I opted out cos I had the BHP Orange run the next morning which I DNS'ed in the end anyway. Caught up with Neoh when I went to get something from the car. Chatted for a bit and then headed to find the wife who was loitering around the place ... LOL!

The organizers called the runners to the pen and I headed in immediately cos I wanted to start nearer to the front. I wasn't really intending to have to weave through the slower runners cos I was aiming for a decent finish and grab one of those limited finisher medals on offer (since my category had only a measly 100 medals on hand).

The race started rather unexpectedly and off we went. Set myself up to a nice initial pace and then Jamie came alongside. Tagged along with him for a bit as Jason just whizzed past us, barefoot no less. Decided to let Jamie head off on his own cos I couldn't keep up with his pace and stepped back into my planned pace of between 5:15 to 5:30 which was a a good idea cos little did I realize the hilly torture ahead of me.

Was running comparatively easy till the hills came along which then turned the run into a hard run. I'm actually glad that I kept my pace on the hilly sections to a manageable 5:30 to 5:45, lungs working hard but still running up those blasted hills. I kept saying to myself, 'Nick, for every uphill there is an equal downhill, so shut up and just run!' That worked and I was able to do reasonably well on the hills.

The route was nice, quiet and scenic for most parts. I especially loved the view of the reservoir with the reflections of light cascading across the still waters that I think my heart rate was instantly lower and calm around this section ...LOL!

Once we reached somewhere around the 10K mark, I recognized the area and knew instantly that no way was the route going to be 11.8K which was true cos my Garmin showed 12.24K upon crossing the finish. I decided to up the pace at this point to make a flying finish to end. Came in with a time of 1:07:09 in position 42 for the Men's Junior Veteran, which was not too shabby for a 45 year old :D

Oh crap, no treats in the goodie bag for me this time ...
Picked up my medal, cam whored for two camera persons (trying to be politically correct cos one was a camera woman) and then headed to pick up my goodie bag and headed to the Skechers booth to wait for the wife. Caught up with Jamie and Calvin again, chatted with a few other Skechers sponsored runners while observing the interest being generated by the shoe.

From what I saw, I'd say the shoe got some much overdue and deserved interest. I'm sure sales are going to pick up after this which is really a good thing. It's time to associate the brand name Skechers with real running instead of the not so good perception of the Skechers brand name that most people have. The Skechers team is basically on the right track with their direction and promotion of the shoe, in my humble opinion that is.

Once the wife came in, said my goodbyes to Adeline (of Skechers Malaysia) and headed home satisfied for a job well done. Decided that I'm giving the BHP Orange run a miss cos I rather sleep in! I could always go for an evening run later if I still wanted to clock some mileage anyway.

I ran with the new GOrun Ride that will be out in the stores sometime next month. This was my second run in the shoe, both covering a distance 12K each time. Overall, it's a pretty good shoe and I'd recommend it off hand to runners who want a light but more cushioned shoe than the GOrun. It's pretty comfortable to walk in even. I'll come up with a more detailed review on it after a few more miles in them, so look out for that.

I should get paid for these modeling jobs ...


  1. I was standing in front of some people who were talking smack about their running escapades and doing their first ever half marathon in PNM and how they would never wear a Skechers ans Skechers aren't good with running shoes. You proved them wrong.

    Congrats on the finish Nick! Pebbles must be very happy you brought back another medal for her.

    Doggie treats as payment for her? ^^

    1. I suppose everyone has their favourite brand of shoe. It just so happened my feet were built to accomodate a Skechers ... LOL!

      She gets more than enough doggy treats already ...

  2. Congrats Nick, i shouted at you after finish line,.,,but as always you're too fast to hear me.

    1. You were there? Gee, you sure it was me you called out to, ah? I was the one crawling over the finish line on all fours ... LOL!

  3. Hi Nick! Love your post. I'm new to Marathon...started since early this year Jan 2012. I've been participating in a number of marathons since January..i've done 10 and will attempt another 3 more till year end. The challenge that I'm facing is not having the endurance and techniques to endure a full race despite shedding away 15kg from my initial weight of 86kg in Jan '12. But my pace is still around 7~8mins per km and I normally stop several times during a race. I seriously need to seek guidance and help from some experience runner like yourself. Would appreciate if you can share some pointers or possible meet ups and I can be reached at 0122091648. Thanks in advance from Marcus

    1. Hi Marcus, first of all, glad to hear more and more people are taking up running :-) I'm really no marathon expert and have only recently attempted my first marathon. When you say you've done 10 marathons so far, are they full 42km distances? If so, you're a much more accomplished marathoner than me :-) Anyways, I'm more than glad to share what I know based on my own personal experience. Will give you a buzz soon but in the meantime you can also check out the blogs of the more seasoned and accomplished marathoners like Jamie Pang, Francis Yeng or Frank Chong. Links to their blogs can be found on my sidebar.

    2. Hi Nick! Thanks for your reply. the 10 attempted runs were not full far, only three 21km; four 12~15.5km; three 7kms. Also thanks for your suggestion to visit the blogs of other runners. I really wish to be associated closer to your healthy runner groups and experience some serious yet fun runnings. Once again, thanks and have a great day.

    3. You covered up to 3 HM since Jan 2012? Did you run any long distances before this? Just affair that you may doing too much too soon (just a word of precaution, I did that myself too so it is nothing wrong if your body can take it).

      There are two aspects in running, speed and endurance. You need to work out one at a time. If you wish to run faster, train more on speed work (and you may reduce the mileages spent on LSD to ensure a proper recovery).

  4. Great race report!
    I should like you, sleep in the Seremban HM too yesterday, now my body is so tired. Although the total distances covered only 33km, but the cool down gap of few hours in between the races make it hard to handle.

    Point to myself, no easy to do back-to-back running. Avoid at all cost...

    Will try out the GoRun Ride when it hit the store, but I am more or less converted into full time VFF :P

    1. I decided that my old body can't hack a back to back even though it's only an 11K run ... LOL!

      But congrats to you on successfully completing both.

      By the way, you have anyone in mind to take up Kah Yen's place yet?

  5. Hey Nick, noticed you mentioned that you ran in the new GOrun Rides. I am looking forward to getting a pair soon but not sure if I should get the original or the Ride.

    While you mentioned that the new version has more cushioning, does it still promote mid-strike like the original does? I am a heel striker and would like to transition to mid/forefoot strike.

    If the Ride feels more like a lightweight flat running shoe, I think I will go get the originals soon. Appreciate if you could give any opinions or advice.

    1. Hey Disket, yes the Ride still promotes mid-foot strike which is the hallmark of the GO series.

      My personal opinion would be go with the GOrun Ride if you're planning on transiting to mid-foot striking.

      The original, while lighter takes a little getting used to, especially if you've been heel striking all the while. The ground feel is much more noticeable than the Ride and will be a little hard on the calves if they're not strong enough yet.

      I'd say the GOrun would be a shoe you would go to once you've got your calf muscles all strengthened for mid-foot striking and the ideal shoe to do that in would be the GOrun Ride, in my humble opinion anyway.

      Besides, the Ride will be out in a matter of weeks anyway, so why not wait a little and then try out both shoes at the store before making a decision.

      Bear in mind, this is just my own personal opinion :D


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