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This week is going to be a very low mileage week for me. I'm down with the flu, cough, sore throat and entire usual suspects that come along with it. While I'm not too happy about falling sick (who does) it does give me the chance to give the legs some much needed rest.

I've been running with a slight persistent knee injury the past two months and it's only beginning to really heal the past week so this 'forced' rest is pretty much welcomed. I can be a stubborn mule when it comes to having to rest and let injuries heal. I can dish out advice for people to rest and let their injuries heal but heck, I just won't follow my own advice!

The only times when I'll really take a break to heal from injuries is when the pain is unbearable, when I fall sick or when the wife threatens to (in her own words) 'pecah both my kneecaps' ... hahaha! The break should do my legs a whole lot of good, that much I'm sure. That persistent knee injury is almost totally gone. I didn't even feel it during yesterday's PAR8 relay run.

Speaking of the PAR8, it was my first ever relay run and I must say that I did have a good time, despite being bogged down with the flu and cough. The entire idea to participate in this run was mooted by Kah Yen, our team captain who unfortunately had to pull out at the eleventh hour due to an injury of his own.

Good thing CK Au agreed to take his place or we would have ended up with a no show for the team. Lina and Neoh were the other two members of the team known as Team Daily Milers. The event was at Lake Gardens and upon arriving, saw many familiar runners there who were all in such a happy mood. Only an avid and passionate runner can be so insanely cheerful at that early hour of the morning just to run for 3KM each :D

Team Daily Milers (L-R) CK, Lina, Yours Truly and Neoh ...
Most of the familiar faces there were all speed demons and any chance of coming out first (hahahahaha ... not in this lifetime, Nick) was quickly flushed down the drain. We decided to go with the fun aspect of running and just enjoy ourselves. While it was only slightly over 3KM for each runner, the stairs that lead to heaven and beyond at the 2KM mark felt like a bloody 10KM in itself!

The start of the staircase to hell!
What made it worse was every runner had the same strategy of cranking up the pace for the first 2KM and then reaching those blasted stairs which saw practically every runner, save for a few inhuman beings who ran up those stairs, struggling and walking up all the way, myself included.

The face of complete and utter exhaustion at the top of those killer stairs ...
Thank god the rest of the final stretch was a nice downhill to the finish. I even managed to stop and get into a pose for a photo op with KF Chong. First time I ever stopped running just to pose for a camera ... hahaha! (You have no shame, Nick!).

Runners waiting for their team-mate at the baton hand off point ...
In the end we came in ranked at position 44 out of 80, which was not too shabby for a fun run :D Ok, I'm only categorizing it as a fun run to make the results seem not so bad ... hahaha! But kudos to the team on a good job, especially Lina who was fasting and couldn't even grab a sip of water after the run unlike the three of us who greedily grabbed up the after run goodies on offer.

The team in action ...
I wouldn't mind taking part in more of these fun run relay events in the future but of course without any killer staircase as part of the route this time! The run was dedicated to our injured team captain Kah Yen, but sorry la Kah Yen, we're keeping those cool Transformer medal for ourselves ... LOL!

The cool Transformer medal ...
That was the last race until at least September where I'm signed up for the Adidas KOTR, the Be A Giver, Be A Runner Charity run and also the BSN Putrajaya Night marathon where I'll be attempting my second marathon, this time with personal goals and targets thrown in. The training for that begins in earnest right after I recover from this bout of flu and cough.

The only race that I'm taking part that is not a run is the 3rd Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk where I'll be joined by the wife and my best buddy, Sean (hopefully he's signed up for it, that is). While it's not a running event, it's still something not to be taken lightly and besides it's as close as I'll come to doing an 'ultra whatever' ... LOL! I'm actually kinda excited about it. Jamie, you did this before, didn't you? Do you think I'm insane in doing this?

I know it's going to be pretty daunting and mentally challenging, especially in the early hours of the morning, when you're tired, sleepy and hungry but heck, I aim to give it all I've got and collect that much deserved finisher medal at the end of the 12 hours! Besides I'll have great company in the form of the wife and my best buddy Sean :D

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  1. Yes you're insane! Hahaha! Rest well!

  2. It was fun and for the 3KM + 155 steps, we sure had a whole lot of photos each! Kalah lari marathon! kakaka

    1. You actually counted the steps? LOL!

      Yes, I think this race over abundance of pix la ... hahaha!

  3. Well done Nick and the rest of the team members. My apology for not being there to be with you guys. Happy to note that you had had a good time.

    1. No apologies needed my friend :D Hope your injury is getting better and we'll see you in the running circuit soon.

    2. Yeah Kah Yen, no worries... but wish can strangle you a bit. LOL

      Do take care and we look forward to seeing you soon. Rest and recuperate well!

    3. Thanks for organize and bring us into this relay. We had great time :D

      Speed recover!

    4. Thanks all. Lina, luckily I won't be seeing you in 3 months, haha....

    5. Kah Yen, I'll remind her in 3 months time ... LOL!

    6. LOL! You have a good rest now. All the best for PNM.

  4. Indeed we had great fun running on the 3+km. All had a good time sprinting at the first 2k then crawling up those stairs :P

    Have some good rest and recover soon. You will need the full strength to start the training plan for your 2nd marathon. See you at PNM :)

    1. I have to agree it was fun, even those 'evil' stairs were fun in a way ... LOL!


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