Training Recap Week 2 - A Step Up!

Another easy 13km to end week two on a route I totally abhor for its infamous rolling hills. The training has been going according to plan so far. I've stuck with the schedule religiously, kept to the required paces and the body and legs were coping real well. There were times though when I was tempted to up the easy paces a little but that would have been foolhardy on my part. The easy's are meant to give the body enough recovery and build up for the harder weeks that will no doubt come real soon. 

This week has also seen the start of the SOS session, a 12 x 400m speed intervals on the road. I was a little apprehensive about it. The previous Hansons plans I've been following has never seen me starting any SOS sessions at least until week 5 or so. Having to do it so early (week 2) of the plan had me doubting myself on whether I could pull it off. I've not done an interval or even attempt the pace required for the session in a long while, months even, so the skepticism was apparent. 

But I was surprised when the legs and lungs actually remembered what it was like to run at that pace. The paces were spot on consistent throughout and the pace alerts I set up on my Garmin were quiet all through the session, not once beeping to tell me I was too slow or too fast. Suffice to say I was pretty happy after the session. But there's still a long to go so I'm not being too overly optimistic but it's a good confidence booster for week 3 where I'll be facing two SOS sessions in the form of a 8 x 600m interval and a 10K tempo.

While the going is going to get tougher and demand a lot more from me, I'm taking it all in stride and just going one mile at a time. Onward to week 3!