MPSJ 10K Run 2011

I may not be talking part in this year's MPSJ run due to certain reasons but it doesn't mean I can't promote it :D Besides, you never know, I just might be mad enough to take part ... hahaha ...

If you're living in the Subang, USJ area (or even if you're not) and if you're into running, the MPSJ 10k run is a pretty cool race event to take part in and it's decently organized too. The categories are divided into 3 categories, the 3K, 7K and 10K events. The race this year is being held in the evening and flags off at 5.30pm, a little too early I would think as the sun would still be blazing in this part of the world.

I'm actually a little surprised to learn that they're running this race in the early evening cos the traffic along the race route, which I've run before, is pretty heavy and I know they're not closing down the roads for this event so be prepared to run along with all those exhaust fumes, especially on the stretch before the Summit shopping complex main road turning towards USJ 5. That road is usually choked with weekend traffic.

But based in last year, they did handle traffic pretty well though it was held in the morning then. Overall, it'll be a nice fun 'home' run and I'm sad to not be taking part. Maybe I can volunteer to help out during the race or something ... hmmm ... now that's a plan :D


  1. I don't think I can handle a run at that hour. :D

  2. Jamie - Yeah, they must really be crazy to have it in the evening cos the sun around these parts is still blazing at that time.

  3. Lina - Neither can I, which is why my runs are all after 7pm the earliest.


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