The SCKLM 2011

I'm on a short running break to completely heal my achy ankle injury that is still plaguing me. While it's just an annoying ache which is slowly subsiding, I'm not taking any chances with it seeing as how the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is just a few days away. I'll just be doing some light training of my own at home until race day.

I'm actually looking forward to the race. It's gonna be a huge turnout with an estimated 22,000 participants from what I've read on the StandChart website. I just hope it'll be better organized than the nightmare race a few months back.

Unfortunately wifey will be flagged off at a different location than me since she's signed up for the 10K which will be flagged off near the parliament building while I'll start at dataran merdeka, though we'll both finish at the same location. We'll also be starting at different times so we won't be seeing each other until way after the race. We've got our pre-arranged secret (LOL!) rendezvous location but with 22,000 people, it'll still be a stretch looking for her.

Another thing would be the parking. They start closing the roads at 4am and that means I've got to be there way before 4am which in turns means I have to wake up at around 2.30-3.00am just to get there and then wait for 2-3 hours more for the race start. It is not something I'm looking forward to.

To sort that out, wifey suggested we check into a hotel nearby and just walk to the race location which is a bloody good idea and is what I'm intending to do. That way, I can sleep longer and not worry about parking and then after the race, we can just walk back to the hotel, shower and nap for a few more hours before heading home :D Now to just look for a decent hotel nearby.

I've never run a 21K in KL (all my 21K's have been in PJ) before so after picking up the race kit tomorrow, wifey and me will recce the route first. I always like to be prepared and know my race route properly before a race. It can't hurt, can it :D

Here's wishing all of you taking part in the SCKLM this weekend the best of luck and have a great race :D Next year I intend to take part in the full marathon and that's a promise :D


  1. Good luck and have fun with the race to both of you! :)

  2. I am thinking of driving to BA around 4am for a parking (obviously only trying my luck)...
    See you on the starting line :D

  3. All the best. I'm skipping it this year. Hope to join next year ;D

  4. Lina - Thanks :D When are you gonna take part in your first race :D

  5. Neoh - LOL! All the best in trying to find a parking nearby ... hehehe ...

    Will shout out if I see you and all the best :D

  6. Mas - Yes, yes, you must come take part next year :D

  7. @Nick,
    I still run way too slow lah. Let me try improve my timing first. ;p

  8. Lina - Aiyaaa, slow or fast, take part la and enjoy the thrill of running :D Olympic run coming up soon :D


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