A Time To Heal

I've been taking a self restrained rest from running for the past three days and will only resume running this Sunday for the New Balance Pacesetters 15K run and trust me, it's never easy forcing yourself to rest from running especially when you're driving around in the evening and see someone out there pounding the roads. It makes me feel like running them down ... LOL!

Truth be told, the break is much welcomed and gives these old tired leg a chance to rest, besides I've been nursing a stupid work related injury that has my right heel inflamed. I'm hoping it heals in time for the NB 15K run this Sunday. At least the swelling has gone down and it is showing signs of getting better. I will probably (a big probably here) be taking it easy during the run this Sunday.

I'm also slightly peeved as well cos I found out the MPSJ 10K has been slated for the 9th of July, a day before the Siemens 10K is slated to start which practically ruins my chance of doing the MPSJ run. I've been looking forward to running the MPSJ 10K but I've also signed up for the Siemens run and I really don't want to be doing two back to back runs. The MPSJ run kicks off at 5pm on a Saturday evening and the Siemens is the very next morning.

While they're only 10K runs each and running it should not be too much of a trouble, I don't really fancy doing both of them so it looks like the MPSJ run is out of the question. Maybe next year I guess. I'm on a two day break from work and will only head back to work next Wednesday so it's a nice long break for me from tomorrow, which will probably be spent running :D

To all those running the New Balance Pacesetters 15K this Sunday, all the best.


  1. Get well soon, Nick! :) And thanks so much for clearing it up with me (the MPSJ running track issue). I have no idea why the person I talked to (my mistake, I didn't get his name) said it wasn't open to public. :\ Thanks so much, I might give it a go since MPSJ is closer to home than Subang park. :)

  2. And BUMMER to the back-to-back races. :( Maybe next year..

  3. Good luck Nick for NB15, rest is also part of the training..he he

  4. Shemah - I was a little blur when you said they only allow staff to run there cos I've been running there for ages. It's a nice place to run cos the track is so forgiving on your legs unlike the hard road surfaces. Go give it a try, there's loads of people there and it gives you 'semangat' to run ... hehehe ...

  5. Shemah - Yeah, darn those MPSJ people for scheduling it at that time. Two weeks later would be just fine ... siggghhh ... but like you said, there's a next year :D

  6. Ray - Thanks :D You going for the race?


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