A Marathon And Some Rest

I'm on another self-imposed running break. It's been three days since I've last run. It's not something I enjoy doing but I have no choice. I've been suffering from a sharp pulling pain at the back of my knee and also some ankle soreness and it's gotten to a point that either I rest the leg or it becomes worse and I have to stop running altogether and that would be disastrous.

The pain started way before the SCKLM and though it was bearable during that run, it got a little uncomfortable and worrisome of late. So, with much prompting (and also warnings of serious bodily harm ... LOL!) from wifey, I decided that I'd take the week off and let the legs heal. The good news is, the legs are healing just fine and the pain has almost completely gone off :D

But I'm still not taking any chances and have decided to take a few more days off to make sure there isn't an ounce of pain when I hit the roads again. Wifey has been supportive of my rest by also taking a break from running. She knows that if she puts on her shoes to run, I'm bound to put mine on and follow her too (I can be such a stubborn person at times).

But seriously though, I've discarded my ego and stopped denying to myself that I am injured and really need to rest. There was a time when I was in this state of self denial and ran with injuries making it even worse and even then I still wouldn't admit that I need a  break.

I love running, I'm addicted to it, I can't go a day without reading or mentioning something about running. I want to be able to run a long way into my old age (not that I am all that young, mind you) and by 'lying' to myself that I have no injuries, I don't think that would happen. Sometimes, to be a better runner, you've got to know your limits. When you're injured, you rest and recuperate! No two ways about that.

I'm glad for the rest at the moment. The legs are feeling great and I'm itching to start running again at the end of the week. I've got my mind set on trying (the key word here is trying) to run my first ever full marathon but in the near future.

Running a full marathon is great and all that and as much as I would like to just jump right into one, I don't want to run a marathon just for the sake of running it. I want to run a marathon because I am capable of running one. I want to run a marathon and be comfortable running it. I want to run a marathon and then crave for more.

I realize it's not going to be an overnight thing. While I can run half marathons comfortably these days, I'm not ready to add an extra 21km just like that. It's going to take time and loads of training and commitment to come anyway near that level. It's going to take a lot of discipline before I even am 10% ready to attempt my first ever FM. But I know I can do it. It helps when wifey is also supportive of my goal.

I've been reading up loads and loads about full marathon preparations and training and it looks kinda daunting. I know I can't rush into it and will have to slowly but steadily work and train towards my goal. I've already started drawing up a training plan (more like just downloading one from Runners World online ... LOL!) and modifying it to suit me. There's this excitement building up inside in anticipation of completing my first ever FM though I know it's a long ways off for now but hey, it doesn't hurt to dream does it :D

For now, I'll take things one step at a time and that is to recover from my injuries that I've sustained. Have a great rest of the day :D


  1. Guilty, I'm one of those stubborn mule that run with injuries. Heheh, I think the brain processes slower. I mean, I endure pain well enough that I hurt my ankle so badly that my run has been getting terrible. I'm bad at resting too. I dislike going on hibernation mode coz I'll start pigging out.

    Anyways, I hope I can start running a full marathon next year. Though, not as confident as running a half marathon but I think it's possible.

  2. Point noted for myself too :)
    You know its hard to endure the feeling of this running activity once you addicted to it, guess even harder than 21km... :P

    Btw, its too late for me to pull out as I signed up for RJM on Sept this year. It will be my first FM even I am not ready by then. I signed up as I kind of like the idea that the RJM is not a race and organized in small running event style. It will be a enjoyable run, as long as I train as much as I can and listen to my body through out the training. ;)

  3. Take care. Don't worry - just rest. Knowing you, I bet you start running as hard as ever soon!

    Hope running that full marathon will come soon to you! :)

  4. Mas - At my age, I just can't afford to run through the pain, if I want to be running for a long time that is. So no choice but to rest la.

  5. Neoh - Once you're addicted to running, you can't stop the addiction :D

    I was thinking of taking part in RJM too but decided not to. Maybe next year. It's definitely going to be a nice scenic run though.

    All the best in the RJM :D

  6. Lina - LOL! Yeah, knowing me, I probably would.


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