Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

Another race added to my list for races for the year. I just signed up for the Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011 albeit the 21K category this morning.

Just before I headed to work, wifey informed me that they've opened the registration for the event and since it was organized by Twenty First Century Sports Sdn. Bhd., a organization not too far away from my house, I decided to head there immediately to sign up.

To my surprise, I was the first person to actually sign up for the event and came away with a free t-shirt for being the first :D It was a pleasant surprise and many thanks goes out to them, especially Nithi, their director, whom I personally know for the free gift :D You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be using that free tee for my evening training session today.

The race is slated for 15th October and starts at 8.20pm (for the 21K category) and I'm really looking forward to it. Wifey signed up too and is quite excited by it cos she loves night races. I was contemplating the full marathon but thought better of it and will save my first ever full marathon run for a later date, when I'm totally ready for it.

This will be my third night race for the year. The first was that horrendously organized Energizer Night Race, the second will be the Shape Men's Health Run next Saturday and followed by this one. This makes my list of races up till October a total of 5 including this weekends BHP run.

There are 4 distance categories for the Putrajaya Night Marathon which is the 42K full marathon, the 21K half marathon, the 10K and the 5K fun run. They're allocating a maximum 10,000 runners for the event, though not as much as the SCKLM, it's still quite a huge number. But knowing Nithi and gang at Twenty First Century, it'll be a well organized event, hopefully :P

For more information, do head over to the official page and check it out in more detail. In fact, don't just check it out, sign up for it already :D


  1. You acted really fast :)
    How is your leg doing? Hope its getting better now.

    I am still not decided between FM and HM. Hoping to go for FM, but 2 push back factors:
    1. Its just 2 weeks after the River Jungle Marathon, not sure I am quick enough to fully recover.
    2. Its started 8pm, plus the 6 hours, the FM will ended 2am... I can't tell how long I needed to complete the FM, and if I am still human enough that hour to drive back home. (I am a morning person :P)
    Still got a month to think about it. For sure I will take part at least HM. :D
    Hope to see you next week in the Men's Health Night Run.

  2. Neoh - Hahaha ... whenever I find out of any race, I'm always quick to go join la especially if it's organized by Twenty First Century Sports cos they're so nearby :D

    But being the first can also be damn embarrassing la ... hahaha!

    You have a point about the timeline for the FM. Driving back after a HM at night which I'm expecting to come in around 10.20pm or so and then have to wait for wifey can be damn tiring, let alone a FM which will end much later.

    I remember I was like a zombie after the ENR run and wanted to pengsan by the time I reached home!

  3. Wah! So excited in registering. First registered participant some more.:)

    Congrats on getting the free tee. ;p

  4. Lina - Anything to do with running and races, sure excited one ... hahaha!

    The tee was a welcomed surprise though.

  5. I wonder whether I should try this one seeing that Putrajaya is so near my place. ;p

  6. Lina - You should! You should! Besides, it's only in October so still got lots of time to train :D

  7. wah podium registration there! good job nick!

    I really wanted to join this as it was my maiden HM last year, but it clash with TNF :(

  8. Ray - Cannot come in first on Race day takpe, janji dapat first on sign up day! Hahaha!

    I'm still not confident enough for a FM. Maybe by end of the year, I just might be up to it :D


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