Peroneal Tendonitis?

One thing about being enthusiastic and addicted to running is the amount of injuries you sustain if you're not careful, especially when you're no longer the wee young lad you once were.

I've always been fond of running and was quite active with it though up until a year or so ago, I gave up running for years on end and sat idly by contented with just being a couch potato with an expanding waistline and a totally unhealthy outlook on life.

But now that I've rediscovered my passion for running and have been at it with a gusto I've never felt before, the issue of injuries crop up pretty much. This can be annoying and disruptive for my running.

My goal in life (when it comes to running) is to run for as long as I'm able too. If l live to be a 100 (which is what I'm aiming for anyway ... LOL!), I still want to be able to run if I can. Like I said in one of my previous postings, I simply love running and anything associated with it. I'm also glad that I have a wife who adores running as much as I do.

But right now, I'm a little dismayed with running cos of the injuries I'm facing. I have this on/off pain an inch or so from my right ankle that sends a sharp, shooting pain along the back of my calf to just below the knee after my runs sessions. Sometimes it's not that bad, other times it's just painful to even apply pressure on it when I walk.

The strange thing is, the pain goes away after a kilometer or so during my runs and only appears after the run. It's been affecting me for a little while now that it's changed from an annoyance to simply worrisome. I've suffered through shin splints for both legs and knee issues and have managed to overcome them but this ankle pain is simply the most persistent.

I've done some research to diagnose the pain and have narrowed it down to two or three things. But the closest match to my problem seems to be a peroneal tendonitis injury. It displays all the classic symptoms I'm going through right now. Wifey has already told me to go get it checked out soon if the pain becomes worse and I most definitely will.

But for now, I'm going to tone down my running. I've been going at it too hard and trying to go faster and faster that it really is not good for me. I MUST learn to do things gradually, one step at a time. I've been pushing myself and going too fast for a guy my age and it's a recipe for disaster. I have after all the rest of my life to run and I want to run it as pain free as possible. 

It's going to be lots of R.I.C.E sessions for me in the next week to halt this injury and hopefully I'll be fit in time for the BHP Orange run and the Shape Men's Health Night Run in the coming two weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed. At present the pain is being controlled with a prescription of Ibuprofen. Tonight it'll be icing and massaging time and some rest from running until the weekend.

Why is it that when I've found something I'm totally passionate about, there must be something that comes along and spoils it? Siggghhh ...


  1. Damn, a bummer considering u have a toy that begs to be used! Sounds like u have the same case with Frank's foot issue. U might wanna check with him.

  2. It's not the shoe? My fren had those kinda pain before but he change his shoe and pain gone. I'm not sure if it's the same thing or not though. I on the other hand, suffers from spraining my left ankle for the 4th time lol. I walk weird maybe coz I trip when I walk. Clumsy me.

  3. Jamie - Yeah, a bummer it is! Thanks for that bit of info, I'll definitely check with him :D

  4. Mas - Don't think it's the shoe. I have three pairs that I use for my runs. It's just being the case of trying too much, too fast.

  5. Oh dear. Hope you get it cured/resolved soon. :(

  6. Lina - Yeah, I hope so too cos I so hate not being able to run.

  7. It tough but hanging there mate, good idea on reducing training runs and R.I.C.E

    Rest is also considered training LOL

    I had Plantar Faciitis (PF) when i started running, it's a bitch running with pains. I got it checked, rest for 6 weeks (no running! almost gone berserk) and slowly recovered.

    Now the PF is gone and i truly enjoy running more than ever without the pains now :)

    Get well soon buddy

  8. Take care and recover soon.

    @Ray, agreed the rest is part of the training... but it is also the toughest amongst all trainings you can do for running... :D

  9. You may want to get that looked at by an orthopedics. If it is peroneal tendon, then it may well be a number of things from inflammation to tear or even subluxation. Be careful with it as it may worsen with further overuse....take care. My advice: rest and sort out that injury first....Since u hv the 'long run' in mind.....:)

  10. Ray - I'm hanging, Ray, I'm hanging ... hehehe!

    Thanks for the wishes, I'm really hoping this will go away soon.

  11. Neoh - Thanks :D I agree, not running can be hell!

  12. Francis - If the pain doesn't subside in a few days, I will. Right now, it feels okay and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it stays that way :D


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